Courses And Workshops

*Kristy adds new courses and Workshops on a Regular Basis.*

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Some of the courses include but are not limited to:

  • Angel Communication Course©
  • Increasing Your Spiritual Gifts; Basic Tools For An Inspired Life©
  • Your Best Year Yet: Purposeful Planning, Intentions, and Infusions for a Powerful New Year©
  • Meet Your Spirit Guides©
  • Meet Your Guardian Angels©
  • Working with the Goddesses©
  • Connecting to the Divine Feminine Workshop©
  • Working with the Ascended Masters©
  • Working and Healing with the Angels©
  • Manifesting with the Angels©
  • Journey to Atlantis©
  • Journey Back to Atlantis©
  • Connecting to Your Chakras, Connecting to You©
  • Counseling Mediumship Level I©
  • Advanced Mediumship©
  • Advanced Energy Healing©
  • Usai Reiki Attunements I, II, and III