Lightworker | Musician | Elizabeth's Oracle -

A session with Kristy is a gift for the Soul. Her heart-centered compassion and distinct ability to connect with the Angelic realm are only a few of the many talents she brings to her work. Whether it’s a personal reading or an Atlantean healing, the benefit to clients is immediate and enormous. When you are ready for clarity and healing, you are ready for Kristy.
— Elizabeth Pendleton

Lindsey D. Code, M.S. | Nuclear Professional

I have confided in Kristy when I have come to a bend in the road whether it be a personal struggle, a struggle with a relationship or for guidance on how to be a good mom while also having a full time career. Whatever the struggle may be she has always listened with an open heart and given me clarity and perspective from a different lens. Kristy truly has a beautiful and gentle soul. Kristy has an amazing ability to feel deeply which gives the client a safe place to be vulnerable with NO judgement. It is a gift to talk with her prior to a new work week. After our session I feel cleansed and ready for what lies ahead. I am blessed to have her in my life.
— Lindsey D. Code, M.S.

Rudy Cortez | Loan Officer -

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Are you looking for some guidance for change in certain aspects of life? Have you tried different tactics but it is just not working out? Do you need help figuring out blocks that might be holding you back from your best potential? If so, I cannot express the impact it will make in your life if you schedule some time for yourself with Kristy. She is amazing at listening and looking at the overall picture. She has the ability to see what others do not and she will provide you with tools to help you achieve your goals, well-being, and happiness. A visit with her is like getting a jump start and being given a pass to the most direct road map to your destination. You will feel a release of stress, a sense of relief, a weight lifted off your shoulders, happiness, joy, excitement, and renewed strength after having an appointment with Kristy. Most of all; you will have a new sense of direction which we all sometimes need from an outside point of view. Do not hesitate to meet with Kristy and make an investment in yourself!
— Rudy Cortez

Anna Taylor, ATP® | The Angels Voice-

Kristy is full of integrity and warmth and it’s easy to feel safe and nurtured in her presence. Her background in psychology, coupled with her extensive spiritual training, means that she is always able to offer such clear, intuitive yet grounded support. She has a deep connection with the Angels and I totally trust the guidance she shares - I highly recommend Kristy and her work!
— Anna Taylor
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My session with Kristy was amazing. She began by making me feel super comfortable. Kristy let me know she would be giving me lots of information during the reading, and to ask a question at any time or share things that were coming up for me. As soon as we began I felt enveloped in healing energy. I felt incredible and relaxed long after our session. She got right to the heart of the matter, and was totally accurate in what she was picking up about my circumstances. Kristy was right on and very supportive, giving excellent guided action steps to take that felt good and right for me. She is a genuine person and counseled me well. I highly recommend her!
— Tatiana

Olivia Peters-Lazaro, Licensed Acupuncturist | Owner | Acupuncturist | Chico Community Acupuncture -

Kristy Ayala is a truly kind, shiny individual. I feel so fortune each time that I use her services: intuitive reading, coaching, listening to her broadcasts, and reading her loving, joyous newsletters. She is one of my health support people, and that is a huge gift since I myself am regularly providing care, wellness, and treatment to a large community. Anyone who has been wanting to make use of energy treatments like Kristy’s should contact her without reservation! She is inviting, unpretentious, gracious, funny, kind and TALENTED in offering the gift of energy healing that you go to her for. What you get from your work with her will be valuable to you at whatever moment you are at in your life.
— Olivia Peters-Lazaro

Lisa Selow, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach™ & Author -

Kristy is a lovely, compassionate, genuine soul who really cares! Her spirit is gentle, but powerful, the perfect combination for a healer. Kristy is so dedicated to her growth on both the personal and professional levels. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer my own clients to her for healings or readings. It was a joy to work with her!
— Lisa Selow

Debbie Pico, Empathic Seer | Clairvoyant Medium | Psychic Guidance and Investigation -

I have known Kristy Ayala for several years now and what a blessing it has been. Kristy has an amazing level of sincerity that can bring you comfort in many ways. Her gentle powerful connection to the higher realms and her endearing spirit shows through in all of her work. Kristy has helped me gain clarity in my life and showed me paths of acceptance that were hidden from my consciousness. Her mediumship is outstanding, and her teaching and healing abilities are beautiful and a powerful experience. Kristy can truly change someone’s life and I believe she is here to provide comfort, validation and trust to the many who seek her services. I am a better person through the understanding and guidance she has given me. What a beautiful soul you are and Thank You for all you do!
— Debbie Pico

Mr. and Mrs. Woody Hosler

Kristy officiated our wedding in June 2011. We can not emphasize enough how special Kristy made our big day. During our pre-wedding consultation Kristy listened to our wants and needs, and incorporated all of our ideas flawlessly. She was the ultimate professional and made us feel at ease as we said our vows. We felt that Kristy put love and compassion into the officiating of our ceremony, and we’re so pleased that she was able to be such an intrigual part of the most important day of our lives.
— Mr. and Mrs. Woody Hosler