Kristy M. Ayala, M.A. is an Author, Speaker, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, and Life Coach. With both her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology, Kristy uses her professional and educational background in psychology in conjunction with her spiritual gifts to best support her clients. Kristy has been providing advising and support services to clients since 2000; and enjoys being able to fully support people as they move forward on their path. Kristy enjoys helping people to achieve their goals and dreams by offering them guidance, information, and the ability to see their own potential. 

Kristy’s personal style is positive, compassionate, and powerful. While working with Kristy, you can easily feel her dedication and integrity in all that she does. Kristy believes in providing a balanced support system when working with clients which includes body, mind, and spirit. This in combination with her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology allow Kristy to offer a multifaceted support system to each of her clients. 

Kristy has also worked as a University Faculty Member, Non-profit Director, University Academic Advisor, Family Law Mediator, Counselor, and Author. Kristy has published work that focuses on Personal Growth, Self Mastery, Wellness, Spirituality, Angels, Health, Body Image, Women's Issues, Happiness, and Life Satisfaction.

Kristy's books, Finding Om : 44 Ways to Increase Joy, Happiness and Inner Peace and Angels Among Us: Messages from the Archangels are available now.  

Kristy’s work has been published in The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel, Mermaids 101, Mary, Queen of Angels, Archangels 101, and The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., Upgraded LivingLotus GuideA Next Step, and The Goddess Guide Online 

You can connect with Kristy during her weekly radio show Kristy's Connection to the Soul on Blogtalk Radio.

My Story

As a lifelong empath and clairvoyant I always felt and knew that I was different. Thankfully, I grew up in a family who was open and supportive of my sensitivities. There were many people in my family on both sides who were also sensitive and conversations about spirituality, angels, and clairvoyance were safe topics. However, all of my family members had very traditional professional careers so there was no model for me of anyone who was using their sensitivity explicitly within their professional world. All of my sensitive family members have shared with me that they consistently used their gifts throughout their careers but it wasn’t something they openly talked about at work.

I always knew that I wanted to help and support people, that I wanted teach, and to write. I was drawn to the traditional psychological field at a young age, and I pursued it whole heartily earning both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology. I worked in the traditional psychological field for many years doing a variety of work and support services to help many different groups of people. I wrote, conducted, and published research, counseled, was the director of a foster family and adoption agency, was a family law mediator, a university psychology faculty member, and more. I enjoyed all of the opportunities that I was given to help and serve each person that crossed my path. But even with all of the things that I loved about my work, there was always a feeling that something was missing.

When I was working as a faculty member I was guided to leave my traditional career and bridge my background and work experience in psychology with spirituality. At the time there really weren’t very many people doing this kind of work. In fact, I didn’t know one person who was doing it.  It felt like a huge leap to walk away from everything that I’d been working toward for so many years and from work that I enjoyed. When I finally decided to listen to my guidance and leave my career as I knew it I asked for a mentor who would match my traditional experience and who was currently blending psychology with spirituality to come into my life. Before I knew it, there she was, the perfect mentor for me. I dove head first into going through high quality reputable licensing programs to take my natural gifts to a professional “next level.” I treated this part of my training with the same respect and dedication as I did my university training.

I built my business with a vision of bridging a holistic approach to wellness, self care, and self mastery. I found that by integrating spiritual principles with psychological support tools and research people experienced big breakthroughs, positive change, and increased happiness very quickly. I feel so grateful to be doing the work that I get to do each day. I always say that I have the most incredible clients in the world because they’re so kind, have open hearts, and are dedicated to moving toward the calling of their soul. My childhood dreams have come true. Not only do I get to do one on one sessions with people but I also get to teach courses and workshops, and write. Looking back I can’t imagine doing anything other than what I’m doing now and I see so clearly how all of the steps along the way to this point prepared me for the work that I’m currently doing. I look forward to continuing my work for many, many years.

After Work

When I’m not working you’ll find me riding my bike, hiking, or perusing local antique stores and farmers markets.
I spend a lot of time knitting, crocheting, hand embroidering, quilting, sewing, beading, and making paper. I know… I love to make things.
I'm over the moon for all things vintage and have been collecting pieces since I was 8 years old. I love mixing old and new things into my home and office. I enjoy cooking, and hosting quaint dinner parties at my home and I like to incorporate my vintage pieces into my parties in fun ways. 
I'm also a big book person and all around book nerd. The sorting hat had a little trouble trying to place me. Ravenclaw was a contender because of my natural bookish-ness and love of all things academic. However, due to my life long dedication to following my heart and my courage to make tough choices throughout my life, I was placed into Gryffindor. (See, book nerd.) 
I love to travel to natural mineral springs to take the waters and try to get away for water trips here and there throughout the year. I live in a small town in Northern California which isn’t close to the ocean and since I consider myself a bit of a landlocked mermaid I try to get to water locations as often as I can.
I live with my husband Rudy and our kitty, Sophie.