Coaching Programs

Kristy provides Coaching Services to dedicated people who are ready to bring positive changes into their lives through the process of coaching. Coaching is an action based modality which allows people to move toward their goals in a clear and concise way.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a positive action based modality which allows you to move forward with grace and confidence in the direction of your dreams and desires. This is a motivating approach to positive change in your life. During a personalized Life Coaching Series you will create clear goals about the new ways you would like to live your life. You will also experience support, insight, and tools custom created for your needs; which will allow you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. This modality allows you to see positive change and results quickly.

Life Coaching is a multi-faceted support system which not only allows you to move forward in a new direction, but it also allows you to rediscover your inner strength, have a larger vision for yourself, and increase your happiness to name only a few.

Research shows that those who participate in professional Life Coaching Sessions are better able to accomplish their goals and create change in their lives compared to those who do not receive Professional Life Coaching support services.

Coaching Programs with Kristy are Not for People Who:

  • Aren't ready for true change
  • Don't want to participate in coursework
  • Want to be coddled
  • Aren't committed to enacting daily personal change
  • Aren't willing to dedicate a significant amount of time each day to their program
  • Don't finish what they start and have a history of quitting and or changing directions when things get challenging
  • Don't want to acknowledge unhealthy patterns, relationships, and or changes required to successfully experience positive change
  • Use Coaching Programs as leverage in their life to pretend they're making change but don't enact or participate in any real work
  • Create excuses as to why programs and support systems don't work for them

Integrative Therapeutic Modalities

Integrative Therapies are being used in vast cross sections of traditional and adjunct support environments. These modalities are based on behavioral psychological techniques which provide insight, support, and tools to people so they can maximize their best potential in many different life areas.

During your Coaching Program and based on your personal needs, Integrative Modalities may be utilized to support you as you build a bridge to healing, revealing, achieving, and stepping into your own personal power. Some of the techniques that are used include: Specialized Visualization Techniques, Integrative Meditation Therapy, and Action Based Integration to name only a few.

These tools allow people to learn new ways to move throughout their world, allowing them to actualize and experience more confidence, clarity, and comfort. People also find that as they become more comfortable in their world, they experience more happiness, life satisfaction, and lasting genuine relationships. 

Some of the Areas Integrative Therapies Support Include:

  • Abundance 
  • Balance 
  • Career
  • Childhood
  • Inner Child
  • Forgiveness
  • Life Purpose
  • Opening Up To Your Higher Self
  • Past Life Issues
  • Prosperity
  • Relaxation
  • Relationships
  • Releasing Limiting Thoughts and Belief Systems
  • Self Esteem
  • Stress Reduction