Courses And Workshops

*Kristy adds new courses and Workshops on a Regular Basis.*

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Some of the courses include but are not limited to:

  • Heart Over Hustle: A How to for the Highly Sensitive Soul in the Business World
  • Trusting Your Gut When Building Your Brand
  • Is Online Business Possible for Me; A Highly Sensitive Empath?
  • Finding Balance in a Unbalanced World: Survival Tips for the Empath
  • Self Care: Why it's important and How to Truly Implement it in Your Life
  • Letting Go as a Way to Open New Doors: Releasing the Addiction of Holding onto the Past
  • Understanding Your Sensitivity and Learning How to use it in Your Daily Life
  • Why Do I need So Much Down Time? Recharging to Reboot.
  • Investing in Health + Wellness by Clearing the Decks
  • Your Best Year Yet: Purposeful Planning, Intentions, and Infusions for a Powerful New Year
  • Unlocking the Wisdom of the Chakra System and How it Applies to Real Life
  • Meditation and Modern Life
  • Increasing Happiness through the Power of Simplicity
  • Choosing You: The Opposite of a Selfish Act
  • Changing Direction: How to Integrate Your Past with Your Future
  • Manifestation, Modern Life, and Miracles: Is this One More Thing I Have to Add to My To Do List?
  • Meet and Work with Your Heavenly Helpers