Intuitive Sessions

Kristy offers a wide variety of Intuitive Sessions as a way to provide support, insight, and information to her clients.

Intuitive Readings

In this session you will work one on one with Kristy as she uses her spiritual gifts to support you in gaining insight and understanding to your questions and areas of interest. 

Kristy will use clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience to provide you with a multifaceted understanding of the information coming through for you during your session. Kristy will also include tools, information, resources, and referrals to support you in integrating the information that came through for you as you move forward upon your personal path of peace. 

Kristy creates a very gentle and supportive experience for her clients so they feel relaxed, heard, and able to receive their messages with ease. 

Angel Therapy®

During this session you will work one on one with Kristy as she connects with your Angels and shares the messages they have for you.
Kristy is a Licensed and Certified Angel Therapist®; certified in June 2009 by Doreen Virtue, PhD.

Angel Therapy® allows you to connect with your Angels to gain insight into any area of your life. Everyone has angels with them right now, even you; and these Angels want to help you gain clarity, healing, and harmony.

In this session you will receive information from your Guardian angels and the Archangels to support you in recognizing any blocks you may be experiencing and provide information and tools so you can begin to move forward.

This therapy can also allow you to receive healing messages from loved ones who have transitioned home again. This therapy will also allow you to open up to the angels and begin to foster a closer relationship with them.


Mediumship provides deep healing to those who have loved one's who have transitioned home.

During this session you will work one on one with Kristy as she connects with your loved ones and the messages that they have for you. 

This session provides an opportunity for insight, comfort, support, and messages of healing and love to be shared.

Kristy will also give you information and support in fostering and continuing your own personal connection with your loved ones. 

This is a very powerful and beautiful session; one to be treasured.

Past Life Session

This session allows you to receive information about a past life issue, lesson, life purpose, or relationship that may be impacting you in this lifetime.

Sometimes we bring old issues or lessons from a past life into our current life which could be causing some blocks or repeating patterns for you in this lifetime. However, sometimes we choose to work on similar issues in our current life which we were working on in a past lifetime.

This session can allow you to gain a lot of information about why you are working on the issues you are passionate about in this lifetime; and to reintegrate your knowledge and experience from your past lifetimes into your current lifetime. By participating in this session; you will gain insight into how to release old blocks, fears, and agreements which are no longer serving you and how to move forward in a more balanced way in this lifetime.

Animal Communication

Your pet companions have their own personal dialog which they are using at all times; and they would like to be able to communicate with you.

During this session; Kristy will connect with your pet and give you information from your animal companion on a variety of issues and topics. By gaining this information you are able to build a bridge of communication which will help to foster a stronger and more balanced relationship with one another.

Many times important issues are revealed during this session; including food problems, allergies, or other issues which are important to your animal companion. In addition to these experiences, this session proves to be a very loving, and beautiful way to connect with one another on a very deep level.