Social Media Internship Opportunity to work with Kristy M. Ayala, M.A. and KMA
2 Positions Available
Must Live in Chico, CA.

  • Inspiring, Supportive and Forward Thinking Brand Specializing in Self Mastery, Personal Growth, Wellness, and Spirituality

  • Create Inspiring Content for Highly Sensitive Readers and Clients who desire to Improve their Lives while Attaining their Goals.

  • Create Content to Sell Products and Services

  • Support Editorial Calendars, Timelines, Special Projects, and or Themes

  • Learn about Highly Sensitive Clients and why their needs differ from other “Feel Good or Motivational” Clients

  • Develop a clear understanding of Inspiration vs. Motivation and why this is important for the Platform, Business, and Most Importantly Highly Sensitive Clients

  • Learn about the Author/Personal Growth Space

  • Directly Support Clients and Readers Each and Every Day by Inspiring, Supporting, and Uplifting them

  • This a 16 week Internship with an option to move into 1 year Internship based on Performance (Based on Academic Schedule)

  • This Internship is an At Will Position, you can be terminated at any time if you fail to meet expectations. We are under no obligation to keep you on as an Intern throughout the timeline.


Send the Following to
by Thursday, November 8th 2018 4:00 pm Pacific Time

  • Resume

  • List of Social Media Handles

  • Answers to Following Questions


You Must:

  • Have Strong Skills Supporting Social Media

  • Possess Strong Skills with Color, Design, Lighting, and Photos

  • Work with Canva

  • Create Content that is Aligned with the Brand

  • Have a Passion for Self Mastery, Personal Growth, Wellness, and Spirituality

  • Understand (or work to understand) the Author/Self Mastery + Personal Growth Space


You Are:

  • Highly Organized and Possess Impeccable Organizational Skills

  • A strong and Crystal Clear Communicator

  • Have a Strong Understanding of the English Language including but not limited to Grammar and Punctuation.

  • Highly Responsible and Mature

  • Honest and Driven by Integrity

  • A Self Starter

  • A Solution Seeker

  • A Positive Person

  • Energetic and Uplifting without being Ingratiating

  • Constantly Looking at the Big Picture

  • A Planner

  • On Time

  • Prepared

  • Called To Help and or Serve Others

  • Passionate about Self Mastery, Personal Growth, Wellness, and Spirituality


You Do Not:

  • Complain

  • Make Excuses

  • Have Drama

  • Arrive Late

  • Show Up Unprepared

  • Wait To Be Asked to Do Your Job

  • Waste Time

  • Need to be Monitored While You Work

  • Demonstrate A Negative and or Disrespectful Attitude or Disposition

  • Treat this Internship as a Low Priority


Answer the Following Questions:

1. Why do you believe you would be a strong candidate for this Internship?

2. Why is this Internship a fit for you and your life at this time?

3. Why are you interested in this Internship?

4. What areas of Self Mastery, Personal Growth, Wellness, and Spirituality resonate for you and why?

5. What can you bring to the table which separates you from other candidates?

6. What is your favorite social media management system and why?

7. What Internships have you participated in prior to this time?

8. Are you a Student? If so what are you studying and when are you planning to graduate?

9. If you received your Hogwarts Letter, which house would you be placed into and why?

10. Which Harry Potter Character best depicts you and why?


Choose One/Either Or:

1. Mac or PC

2. Samsung or iPhone

3. Pizza or Chinese

4. Podcast or Music

5. Netflix or Hulu

6. Eat Out or Take Out

7. Gym or Work Out at Home

8. Wash your Hair or Dry Shampoo

9. Fresh Flowers or New Candle

10. Tea or Coffee

11. Home Body or Out and About

12. Kindle or Physical Books

13. Audible or Read

14. Pajamas or Yoga Pants

15. Pancakes or Waffles

16. Road Trip or Fly

17. Text or Call

18. Summer or Winter

19. Spring or Fall

20. Cruiser or Mountain Bike

21. Bike or Roller Skates

22. Perrier or La Croix

23. Garden Party or BBQ

24. VW or Ford

25. Cat or Dog

26. Comforter or Duvet

27. Fire Pit or Fireplace

28. Green Juice or Smoothie