Are You Choosing You? How To Get Back to the Path that's Right for Your Life

As I sit here at my desk in my professional office I can see students coming and going to campus and going about their day. This time of year always makes me think about fresh starts, new beginnings, and feelings of hope. While we begin to round the corner on the last big push for the end of the year, we’re also in this time of back to school. There’s a push pull that happens at this time where we get an opportunity to look back on the year and see how far we’ve come. We also get a change to either recommit to some things we really want to do before the end of the year or let go of some stuff that we don’t feel aligned with while moving toward something that feels more like us.
This is a really powerful cycle because not only do we have the beginning of a new season coming up in a few weeks, back to school, and the final push toward the end of the year, but we also have Mercury Retrograde with us until the 22nd of September. There seem to be a lot of factors supporting us in taking a look at what’s important to us and supporting us in getting back to these things.
Getting Back Into Alignment with Your True Self
has been a common theme that keeps coming up over the last couple of months
Here are some ways that you can tell if something is out of alignment for you.

  • Feeling Disconnected From Yourself and Your Life
  • Feelings or Experiences of Emptiness
  • Feeling Fractured, Compartmentalized, or Out Of Touch with Yourself
  • Wondering When it Will be Your Turn to Enjoy Your Own Life
  • Knowing or Feeling that Things Should Have Been Different by Now
  • Deep feelings of Angst, Frustration, or Irritation a Large Part of Each Day
  • Escaping from Your Life through Internet use, Substance abuse, Shopping, Food Additions, or other Numbing Behaviors
  • Avoiding Quiet or Down Time
  • Noticing You Feel Like Yourself When You’re Away from Your Day to Day Life but Can’t Hold onto that Feeling Once you Return Home
  • Feeling like an Outsider Within Your Own Life

If you identify with any of these feelings or thoughts, please take a nice long deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Good.

This isn’t a judgement nor does it mean that something is wrong with you. These are messages letting you know that somewhere along the line you stepped away from the path that resonates with you. Sometimes, these feelings show up when a particular lifestyle or relationship has come full circle. When we listen to these important messages from the soul it allows us to take action. Taking action brings us back home, back to center, and back to ourselves.
Sometimes people tell me that they think it’s too late to make important life changes for ____________ reason.

The truth is that it’s never too late and choosing to honor yourself is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and to those in your world. Living a life that feels uninspired or unfulfilling to you because you are nervous about making changes doesn’t allow room for joy to bloom. In fact, it intensifies the feelings that things are off as a way to nudge you to make important life changes.

Change is a natural part of life, it’s the one constant that we have while we’re here on this planet. When we try to keep things the same, we bump into feelings of being stuck. Isn’t that a strange paradox? The way to open up the flow to more happiness, joy, and feeling like yourself is to move toward change. You can move toward change by leaning into the places and spaces that feel a little or a lot uncomfortable and to listen to the whispers of your soul.
The truth is that you know what’s right for you. You can feel it in your heart and you know your truth in the core of your being. For most people, it comes down to giving themselves permission to honor that voice they hear which tells them to:

  • Move
  • Leave Their Jobs
  • Get Into Counseling
  • Stop Drinking and or Using Drugs
  • Go Back to School
  • End Their Relationship
  • Create Healthy Boundaries
  • Start Saying No
  • Exercise
  • Take Back Their Life

As adults, there tends to be less and less people who tell us that we’re doing a good job, that we’re making the right choices, and that honoring ourselves brings blessings to everyone around us. So, that means that we have to be that person for ourselves.

One of the ways to honor your inner knowing is by giving yourself permission to move toward the calling of your own heart.
It may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first, but like anything new, the more that you do it, the easier it will become. As you continue this new path of self love and self respect you’ll find that your life begins to shift in ways that you may not have believed were possible for you. As you honor your true self you’ll find that your joy, happiness, and personal peace begin to increase too.
No matter what it is that you’re being called to do, begin, shift, or release within your life right now, please know that you’re deserving of making these important changes. You don’t need permission or anyone else to tell you that you’re ready. The message, knowing, or feeling that you have within you is authority enough. You are the only person who knows what’s best for you. Your true north sits inside your heart, and the more you can honor that space within, the easier it will be for you to stay on your path.
As we move through this time of reflection, restructuring, and renewal I hope that you will take some time to get clear about what you want to experience as we move closer to the end of this year. There’s still time to get some things done that you said you wanted to do this year. Please give yourself permission to go for it. I promise, you’re worth it.

P.S. Do you have a friend who could use some support in making important life changes? Please pass this on to them so they know they aren't alone and that they're worthy of making important changes. Thank you so much! 

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