How to Savor the Slow Down and Spirituality of October

October brings with it a palpable shift in energies, temperature, and connection.
(Not to mention pumpkin everything.) Even if you live somewhere that still has you in warm weather clothing, October brings a big shift with the change of the calendar. This is the first full month of Autumn and the kick off to the holiday season. There’s a deep call within to start pulling your energy inward, to warm your home with warmer colors and textures by adding throw blankets and pillows here and there. There’s also a feeling inside that you may not be able to explain but you can feel it, it’s a feeling of getting quiet and going inward. The desire to curl up with a good book or a favorite movie starts calling out to you more and more and the message to slow down steadily begins to turn it’s volume up.
All of a sudden warm stews, a hot cup of tea, fuzzy socks, and maybe a knitting project sound amazing. Feeling compelled to go for a walk in the crisp morning air and pulling out a favorite cardigan to take with you on a stroll around the neighborhood seems nearly delectable. The desire to smell spices throughout the house feels like a top priority. All of these feelings are part of the magic of October and the message that it brings for the Autumn season.
As we move into the season of shorter days and longer nights, our bodies naturally adapt to the slow down that’s happening across the board. This is an organic process that you can see reflected in the trees around you. The energy stores are slowly but consistently being pulled back into the root systems preparing for a deep rest. We’re experiencing a similar transformation; and the desire to pull within and to slow down is a genuine message you’re receiving right now. The more that you can allow yourself to honor the natural shift that you’re experiencing, the more present you’ll be during this season.
In addition to the slow down this month is often a big spirit connection month. The veil is very thin at this time and I do more Mediumship sessions in October than the rest of the year hands down. Your departed loved ones, guides, and angels who are always with you send messages of support and love to you regularly. However, I find that many people don’t recognize the messages they’re receiving because they’re busy and constantly distracted. During this time of slowing down, we tend to be quieter, home more, and can then receive our messages more easily.
Here are 5 ways to increase your connection to your departed loved ones, guides, and angels:

  1.  Ask for clear signs in your physical life which you will clearly notice and understand.

    When you ask for signs, you’ll receive them. It’s important to ask for really clear signs so that you’re not wondering if the things you’re receiving are signs or not.
  2.  Ask for clarification of your signs.

    If you’re not sure about a message or sign, then ask for clarification or confirmation. You’ll get a clear message letting you know that you did in fact receive a sign from _____.
    Thank your departed loved ones, guides, and angels for their messages of love and support.
  3. Carve out 15 minutes each day to be quiet and still so you can strengthen your ability to receive your messages when they come through for you.

    Being able to receive signs and messages is all about receptivity. The receiving energy comes from being quiet and allowing yourself to receive.
    The giving, doing, and go go go energy keeps you from receiving your messages. Because people carry multiple devices around on their bodies, people are more distracted than ever. This distraction energy interferes with receptivity.
    Taking time to get quiet without scrolling, clicking, or watching something allows you to strengthen the muscles which support you in receiving the messages that you’re waiting for.
    As you do this 15 minute practice each day you’ll be able to tune in and receive the messages that are coming through for you.
  4.  Ask  your loved one’s to bring you a message or to visit you during your dream time. Ask them to help you remember your dream when you wake.

    If you would like to experience your messages through dreams, keep a notebook and something to write with on your bedside table and write down everything you remember before you get up to start your daily routine. Do this each morning for a week and you’ll see very clear messages from your departed loved ones, guides and angels.
  5.  Connect with your loved one’s through looking at pictures, reading old letters, or thinking about happy memories.

    This helps to open the connection to your loved one which clears the channels for messages to take place. It’s important to turn off distractions so you can fully experience the connection and receive your messages.

My hope is that you’ll enjoy all of the sweetness that this month brings. This is a special time and as you honor the messages that you receive to slow down and pull your energy inward, you’ll enjoy the sights, sounds, scents, and spirit of the season.


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