How to Beat the Winter Blues and Hit the Ground Running

Here we are greeting March, can you believe it? I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling like I could use a little R & R. This time each year, I feel that there’s an adjustment that happens during this last push of winter. Even though we celebrate January 1st as the official first day of the new year and begin our plans and projections, it’s still winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter is a time of rest, slowing down, and replenishing before the burst of energy that comes with springtime.
I’ve found that the hustle and bustle of the new year combined with the dark and gloomy winter weather can leave me feeling tired and a little sluggish. This seems to make things feel a bit more challenging and to take more energy than they should. Have you noticed that you’re experiencing some push pull things happening for you?
One day you feel great, and then the next day it seems like it takes so much more energy to get through your list?
Or maybe one night you sleep great and feel refreshed in the morning, but the next night not so much?
If you’re experiencing this, you’re not alone.
This last cycle before spring officially arrives is a great time for a reboot and a restructuring. So, instead of the lists and goal setting that comes with the beginning of the year. This reset is more about slowing down and honoring the need that your body has to store up extra energy. When you notice that one foot forward one foot back flux in your energy it’s because your body is still in a bit of winter mode.

The more that we can let go of the extraneous stuff the easier it will be to move with this ebb and flow energy. Saying no to things that don’t feel like a fit, that feel heavy or draining, and reducing jarring sounds and harsh lighting can help you get the most from this reboot and restructuring.
There may be some things that were on your lists for the new year that aren’t as important to you now as they were on January first. Give yourself permission to restructure your priorities while making rest high on your list right now.

When the burst of energy shifts for springtime, you’ll feel more ready to hit the ground running if you give yourself this time to restore and replenish. This doesn’t mean you have to tune out from your life, you can refill your well by doing simple shifts that add up quickly.

Some key words for this cycle include:
slow, gentle, calm, and soothing.

Saying Yes to things like:

Going for a walk
Listening to music
Slowly drinking a cup of tea
Reading a book
Watching a movie
Snuggling up in front of a fire place
Or anything that feels soothing and restorative to you is a wonderful way to support yourself during this reboot.
If you’re feeling a little bit off due to several dark days on top of this need for a slow down, you may be sun sensitive. I’m very sensitive to a lack of sunlight and this definitely compounds the one foot forward one foot back energy that’s happening at this time.

I’ve included some of my favorite ways to help fight the winter blues as we round out this last bit of the dark until the light returns in the spring. Even though the spring is right around the corner, this last push of winter can support us if we allow ourselves to move with the rhythm happening right now.
Drink more water:
Hydration helps with keeping energy levels high and washes away toxins that could be hanging out in your body.

Increase full spectrum lighting:
You can find full spectrum lightbulbs and light boxes online and in some big box stores. (These make a huge difference. I keep my lightbox on my bathroom counter and turn it on when I get ready for work and I’ve noticed a big difference in the way that I feel.)

Increase chlorophyll:
Drinking green drinks is analogous to drinking sunlight which helps to boost your energy without creating the crash that you get from drinking caffeine. Green drinks can also help to reduce dark under eye circles and dull looking skin.

Listening to upbeat music can help you lift your energy and the energy of your home and office.

Even 5 minutes of exercise can increase the feel good chemicals in your brain and body and can increase your energy and mood levels.
The compounding issue that can happen with exercise is that if you have low energy you may not feel like exercising. 5 minutes makes a huge difference and you’ll feel much better. You can do 5 minutes.

Stay Warm:
Spa’s, Sauna’s, Steam Rooms, and Hot Baths can help to reduce any aches you may be feeling from the cold. These warm treatments can also help reduce the experience of skin sensitivity.

Soft Clothing:
Increased skin sensitivity is a common experience, wear soft and gentle clothing and use soft and gentle bedding.

Fresh Air:
It’s easy to stay inside when it’s cold and dark, but getting clear air in your home and getting outside helps to clear away a lot of the heavy or stagnant energy within and around you.

Go Slow:
Go at your own pace and make time for regular rest, sleep, and quiet time.

Even if you aren’t a napper, this is a time that your body needs more rest and napping is a supportive way to honor this need.

Don’t Push:
Don’t try to force yourself to do more, to plan more, or to be at more places that you need to. This is a time for rest and your body knows what it needs.

Go With Your Flow:
Your body rhythms might be different from your loved ones; it’s okay to go at your own pace. Let people know what you need.
As we round out this restful and replenishing cycle I hope you’ll find your own groove. This is a powerful time to reconnect with your own pace, needs, and personal self care.
With love,
P.S. Let me know how you’re honoring yourself during this reboot by leaving a message on the blog.

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