Why Fun, Joy, and Celebrating Up-Levels Everything in Your World

Happy May Day!
Do you remember celebrating May Day when you were a kid? I remember making May Day baskets in school and learning about the tradition of leaving flowers and notes for loved ones and friends on May 1st.  When I think about it, I love that this month starts with flowers, cards, and joy because that is the whole energy and theme for this month.

There’s so much celebration energy happening right now and May tends to be the time when people begin to feel guided to get out more, host dinner parties, and catch up with friends. May is also the time when University students are graduating and there’s a buzz that begins floating through the air reminding people to have more fun. You may be feeling it already too.

Fun is one of those things that’s completely natural to us, in fact it’s hard wired inside of us because it’s something we’re supposed to experience on a regular basis. However… I’ve found that as an adult it can become one of the things that gets set onto the back burner when there’s lots of other things to get done.

There’s this belief system that shows up, for me it shows up in the form of a list. It says things like, as soon as you’re finished with all of the important responsibilities on this list, your fun time will move up the list and then you can reward yourself by doing something that you enjoy. That seems like a logical way to do things; unfortunately it usually doesn’t work out that way. In fact, what usually happens is that once one thing is crossed off the list, it auto refills with something else that feels equally urgent and the fun time never really seems to move up the list.

Have you experienced this list phenomenon in your life too?

If this goes on too long it can feel like you’re chasing your list all the time and waiting for some elusive perfect timing where you’ll be able to finally do something for yourself. Sometimes this can lead to feelings of overwhelm, burnout, or even lethargy.

So… what to do?

The answer to changing this feeling of perpetual catch up will sound like putting the cart before the horse, but it really works.

The secret is celebrating, laughing, playing, and having fun.

I know…it doesn’t seem like it could be that simple and you may even feel guided to say yeah, but I have this situation ___________________ and it prevents me from making time for fun.

The truth is that we’re meant to celebrate, it’s a part of who we are and when we stifle this part of ourselves, things can get jammed up leaving us feeling like some of the sparkle of life has fizzled out.
You don’t have to spend a lot of hours celebrating but it’s really a huge win win for you when you invest in any amount of celebration. You see, joy opens the gateways to things in life.

  • If things feel heavy or bogged down at work, pushing harder won’t clear that feeling from you.
  • If you are having a hard time sleeping, or you feel like no matter what you do you just can’t catch up? Pushing harder won’t clear that for you.
  • If you feel disconnected from yourself and feel like each day is the same; pushing harder won’t clear that for you.

What will clear things up, is investing in your overall happiness, health, and life satisfaction by having some fun and investing in some celebration and joy.
Joy is such a light, bright, and fun energy to experience.

Think about something that makes you fill yourself up with joy.
It’s an instant mood elevator.

When we invest in joy by playing, or truly celebrating our life, our contributions, and our successes we up level everything within our world. Truly. This is the game changer. As you invest in joy, the other stuff that feels heavy or blocked in your life begins to move again and things begin to feel lighter and smoother. Things begin to work again which creates more joy. You’ll find that you begin to get more done and enjoy more overall balance and happiness at the same time. Win win.

Most people had at least one person in their life who encouraged them as children. Maybe a special teacher, great parent, or mentor was in your corner supporting you in some way. As adults, there can be fewer of these people in our lives so we need to learn how to celebrate ourselves for where we are right now, today, just for being us. We have to learn how to be our own great support system and encourage ourselves regularly.  

Because life is constantly changing and in forward motion, it can be really easy to focus on all the tasks and things on your to do list. As they get finished, you may make a small mental note about it being done and then quickly move onto the next thing. Giving yourself permission to actually take a step back and acknowledge and appreciate all that you’re doing is really important.

Recognition and celebration are important, in fact they’re as important as hitting the ground running everyday but many people overlook that part of their life for lots of reasons. This month, as the energy is focused on fun, play, and celebrations; see if you can find some ways to build a little playtime into your schedule. I promise you, you’re worth it.

When you take some time to do something just for you, not multitasking by doing chores or running errands, you’ll notice that you feel lighter and that you feel happier. You’ll also notice that things go smoother for you the more that you build this joy into your schedule.

This month when you’re sitting down and looking over your calendar and making your to do lists, schedule in some time to celebrate you. Think about the things that you do and imagine that you’re a dear friend or a loved one. How would you celebrate them for all that they’re doing? Now, do the same thing for yourself. Say the same things you would say to someone else, to yourself and go big in honoring yourself this month. You deserve it and you are worth it.

Wishing you a wonderful May!
All my love,

Speaking of celebrations, this month marks my 9 year anniversary of owning my own business and my 10 year anniversary of leaving my university psychology professor job. These past 9 years have been filled with so many amazing people and experiences and I want to thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my world. Thank you for supporting me in doing what I love every day!

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