Reaching the Halfway Point: Progress Over Perfection


Hi guys,
June often conjures up thoughts about hot summer days, swimming, and maybe even an iced cold lemonade. June also marks the halfway point of the year which can lead to thoughts about where the time went, how much we’ve accomplished thus far and how to get ahead of the next 6 months. This is a natural feeling and it’s often combined with a change in schedules due to school being out and upcoming trips or vacations which can lead to feelings of pressure or even stress.

If you’ve been feeling like you haven’t made as much progress on your list of goals or intentions so far this year, take a breath. It’s okay; in fact this is a great time to pull out your list of intentions for the year and dig your vision board out of your closet and give them another look. You may notice that there are some things on your list that aren’t as prescient for you anymore and you may feel guided to let them go. There may be some things that really stand out to you as being important and you still feel very connected to working on them this year. You may find some things that are somewhere in between and you aren’t really ready to let them go or begin working on them, and that’s okay too.

While the first 6 months of the year may have seemed to move really quickly, there’s still plenty of time to take actionable steps toward the goals, intentions, and passion projects you have on your list and in your heart for this year. It’s not too late to begin making movement in the direction of your dreams. The trick is getting clear on what you really want to do and then to break up your goal into small steps so that you begin gaining traction.

One of the things that I find becomes challenging for people is that they feel overwhelmed by the goals they have for themselves. When they try moving forward they aren’t sure where to begin so they don’t take any action. This can become like a catch 22 where someone knows what they want to do but aren’t exactly sure how to do everything or where to start. Then the person decides that they’ll wait until they have more information which keeps them from moving forward; leading them to feel stuck, sad, and frustrated.

Here are my top tips to get going on your goals and maximize the next 6 months of the year.

Identify What You Really Want to Do:
Look at your list and get crystal clear on what you want to accomplish in the next 6 months.
You may choose one or two large goals or several smaller goals.
Get clear on what you’re letting go and cross it off your list.
(You can add it to a future list if you feel guided.)

Access Support and Additional Information:
If you need additional information or support to move forward, research people or services under your umbrella of interest to seek out the help you need.

Start Where You’re Standing:
You don’t have to have everything figured out at the beginning of a project; and it’s important to begin right where you are, even if you don’t feel ready. As you begin taking action, even seemingly small action you’ll begin to gain momentum, excitement, and enthusiasm which will help move you closer to your goal. Small steps every day really do lead to big change over time.

Give yourself permission to go for it this month and begin today.
You still have half the year to move closer to the goals that you set for yourself in January and you’re worth it. I know you can do it! I'm sending you lots of support as you move toward your goals this month and I look forward to working with you.

Love, Kristy~

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