Summer of Self Care

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This time of year often elicits images of beach days, swim parties, popsicles, flip flops, and a big slow down.

What I find is that while these images feel quintessentially summer, our schedules often feel like they fill up with even more things to get done.
Whether you find yourself with kids at home or longer days filled with more to do projects, or something else entirely; this time of year can lead to summer longing.

You know the feeling, trying to make your summer look and feel the way you want it to but not finding ways for it to match up.

So many people think it must just be something that they’re personally doing “wrong” and that’s why they aren’t capturing Instagram worthy summer pics each day. If you’re feeling any of this, it’s okay and I promise you’re not the only one. This season always seems to go by in a bit of a blur.

One of the ways that you can capitalize on the slow down of summer is by scheduling it into your calendar.

I know, I know, scheduling doesn’t feel very “vacation-y” but it will help you to get those things you want to do and experience into your schedule so you can enjoy more of the things you love this season.

Sometimes, something as simple as giving yourself permission to try the new café or breakfast place everyone is raving about can help you feel like you’re enjoying the slow down of summer.

Pick up one of those ever so chic plastic kids swimming pools and fill it with water and set your feet in it while sipping your favorite summer drink.

There is no one way to enjoy the slow down of this season.
In between any vacation travel plans you may have, there are lots of ways to incorporate the vision you have for summer into your real life.

  • What is something that makes you feel rested, relaxed, and restored? __________________
  • When was the last time you made time to do to something just for you? _________________
  • (Choose another answer if you thought of something involving chores…)

Okay, good.

Now, take out your planner, whether it’s a physical planner, your phone, or scheduling software and get at least 3 things into your schedule for the summer right now.

These can be anything that make you feel relaxed, happy, and supported.
*Bonus points if it also feels like summer to you.
Things like:

  • Riding Bikes
  • Making/Eating Popsicles
  • Swim Day
  • Beach Day
  • Spa Day
  • Backyard Movie Night
  • Garden Party
  • Drinking Lemonade on Your Porch
  • Camp Outs
  • Day Trip
  • Road Trip
  • Reading a Physical Book Outside
  • Or ______________________

There’s no wrong choice here, so choose at least 3 things and get them scheduled today.
(Yes, you can do 3)

The truth is that if you schedule it, you’re more likely to honor that commitment to yourself.

I know that you’re super busy and that you don’t have much down time.
I know that you’re managing lots of different responsibilities and behind the scenes stuff while maintaining the day to day things too.
That’s why it’s so important to invest a few minutes right now into scheduling some much deserved fun, self care, and summer slow down activities just for you.

You’ll feel more energized, refreshed, and more like your true self after engaging in some much needed “You Time” which will allow you to get more done in the long run.

I hope your summer is filled with things, people, and activities that fill your heart with joy and love.

Please leave a comment to let me know what you're doing to make this your Summer of Self Care.

With love,

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