Diving Into The New Year And Creating Positive Change

Hello! I hope this finds you having a great day as we meet the middle of January. Wow, this has been a big beginning to the new year hasn’t it? There are so many things happening and it can feel a bit overwhelming. Several people have told me that they feel like so much more time has passed than only a couple of weeks since beginning the new year. I have to say that I agree with them. Are you feeling the same way? Does it seem like the new year was a while ago?  If so, you are not alone.

If you have found your new year spring in your step to be a bit slower than you had hoped, take heart. In fact, why don’t you take a moment to breathe while you are reading. Take a nice deep breath in through your nose, good, and now exhale through your mouth, perfect. {Repeat a few times if necessary}

Okay, so one of the big messages that I have been telling people for the last couple of weeks is this: Even if you feel like things haven’t begun in the way you wanted them to this month, you can always start again, right now. Plus, you can give yourself permission to release any feelings of guilt, heaviness, or frustration because those things don’t help at all and you don’t need them. All you have to do is refocus on the goals and intentions you have set for yourself and then begin to take small {or bigger than small} steps toward those intentions and dreams.

For example: If you wanted to begin a cleanse, a yoga practice, meditation practice, coaching program, journaling exercise, or anything else that really calls to you and it hasn’t moved forward the way you had hoped; breathe and begin again. Yes. You can absolutely begin again. A period of refocus and restructuring doesn’t mean that your dreams or intentions are any less valuable to you. It is in the beginning again that you foster the tenacity to support your dreams and goals so they can thrive and grow.

Here are some things to consider when restructuring or refocusing your goals:

  • How has my plan for my goals or intentions worked out for me so far?
  • What is working in my plan? What needs to be adjusted?
  • Who or what kind of support do I need to bring in to help me achieve or experience my goals for the new year?
  • Do I need to contact someone to help me? If so, who?
  • Do I already know someone or a support system that would be a great fit for me?
  • How can I take an action step today to move forward with my dreams and goals?
  • What has been preventing me from taking action steps?
  • What can I do to move through any issues or procrastination and begin nurturing the healthy and happy life that I desire for myself?

Answering these questions will give you a great amount of insight and clarity about how to begin moving forward right now. If you need help to get going; I really encourage you to reach out for help. Sometimes asking a trusted friend to sit with you while you make a phone call or schedule an appointment with a professional makes the step that much easier.

Making changes can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning; but just like beginning anything at all, once you take that first step, the rest just gets easier and easier. When you feel called to make a change or begin something new in your life; that calling is coming from your higher self. Taking action on those changes will allow you to feel a huge release of pressure. It feels similar to letting air out of a balloon. Any places inside of your body where you tend to store pressure or tension will be released as you take steps toward your goals and dreams. Each step you take will release more and more pressure while simultaneously moving you forward toward your goals. I promise you this create a win win situation for you. And, you are worth it!