Can You Feel The Shift?

Well, we are officially into the “ber” months, as we welcome September, today. I find that many people have strong feelings about the ber months. Some get super excited because it means that cooler weather is on its way (to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) beautiful colored leaves, and pumpkin everything. Others, feel the ber blues coming on; thoughts of cold dark days and sweaters tend not to be openly embraced by the ber blues group. This group tends to want to hang onto their swimsuits, flip flops, and sunglasses as long as possible. Which group do you feel more connected to? Maybe, you find yourself somewhere in the middle, perhaps enjoying a pumpkin latte while wearing your flip flops?
Right now, we are moving toward the autumn equinox but we still have a few more weeks of summer. During this time where there is a whisper of the change that’s coming but also that feeling that we aren’t quite there yet; we get to enjoy this in between time. Some may call it magical or even whimsical. I find it reminds me of being a kid again. I find myself trying to soak up every ounce of sunshine and warmth and wanting to stay outside as much as possible. But, I also feel the gentle yet palpable call of reading books by the fire, cooking soups and stews, and knitting around the clock.
So, with this mix of energies it can be a bit challenging to stay grounded. One minute you may feel like you want to go for a swim and the next minute you may want to start pulling out your favorite hearty recipes and warm socks. This push pull allows us to organically move from one thing to the next. This helps us to make a more gentle transition so we can move from one season to another. The same is true for your life right now. As we gear up for the end of the year push which becomes crystal clear as we reach the ber months; you are being given an opportunity to prepare for your next season.
How do you want to finish your year? What kinds of things do you want to have completed? How do you want your next season to look and feel? These are some of the things that are on deck right now as we have one foot in summer and one almost into autumn. This is a perfect time to ride this wave of summer energies and autumn energies. On the days that you feel guided to clear away stuff that you don’t want around anymore, go full speed ahead in that direction. That clearing out is a powerful energy that helps open us open up to receiving new abundance. On days you feel guided to pull out warm clothes, throw blankets, and other creature comforts; go for it. Fabrics and colors help us to move with the energies and seasons and allow us to more fully integrate into them.
Taking some time to tune into what you are feeling right now will give you a better understanding of how to move from one season to another. Maybe you are moving, changing jobs, or in some way starting fresh. You get to decide how you will move forward and what needs to be shifted so you can make the most out of last part of the year. The great news is that when we are greeted by the first ber month, there is still plenty of time to get things lined up for a strong finish. Enjoy this magical time of change and give yourself permission to move some things around in your life so you feel in alignment with your vision for the remainder of your year.
Just in case you were wondering where I fit in as we move through this shift; I will be rocking my flip flops and trying to eek out as many sunny days as possible before I absolutely have to put away my sun dresses, sun glasses, and spf everything. (wink)
Since I know you and I are not the only one’s feeling this shift right now, please forward this message to a friend; so they know they aren’t alone in this push pull energy. They will appreciate it and so will, I. Thank you!