Slowing Down At Lithia Springs Resort

For years people have asked me how I decompress, create balance, and carve out me time. While I have several things that I do to nurture myself; one of the things that I do is take the waters. Water is very healing and an important part of my balance recipe. I like to travel to places where I can receive the benefits from the water while experiencing the calm and relaxing atmosphere of each location at the same time. I’ve traveled and taken the waters all over the west coast and hopped across the pond to take the waters in England, including Bath.

I recently just returned home from one of my favorite places to rest, renew, and rejuvenate, Lithia Springs Resort which is located in Ashland, Oregon. I thought I would share a little bit about this place with you since so many people ask me where I like to go. Just like the water, every location has its own feeling, atmosphere, and energy. One of the many reasons that I love visiting Lithia Springs so much is that it’s extremely calming and gentle while simultaneously being very welcoming.

Even with the bustling energy of downtown Ashland less than a minute away, Lithia Springs feels like it’s in its own world entirely. As soon as you step onto the grounds, you can feel a tangible shift of relaxation come over you. There are organic gardens wrapping all around the grounds with herbs, flowers, and food growing year round. Fresh flowers and herbs are displayed on table settings throughout the resort and organic food is prepared daily from the onsite gardens. Lithia Springs does a great job showcasing how eatable landscaping can be beautiful, functional, and sustainable. There are reading nooks, walking paths, a coy pond, and a place to swim on the grounds as well.

One of the things that I find so fascinating about taking the waters is that each location is so unique and the water is different everywhere I’ve been. Taking the water at Lithia Springs is what I would call a gentle yet powerful experience. At first that may seem like a contradiction in terms, but truly that is the best way I can describe it. Soaking in the water itself is a very gentle experience; the water is soft, nurturing, and calming. In fact, with each soak at first I didn’t realize that it was detoxifying me because I was so relaxed and comfortable. But after several minutes, I could feel that I was releasing and could see that the water had been leaching toxins out of me. This subtle balance between gentility and powerful detox is something that makes the water at Lithia Springs so unique. After soaking there was a noticeable lightness that I could feel within me and my body felt completely rested and refreshed, including previously sore muscles.

All of the water at Lithia Springs is “the water” so whether you are drinking it, showering in it, or soaking in it, you are receiving the benefits throughout your entire stay. Another unique aspect of Lithia Springs and probably one of my favorite things is that every single room has a giant soaking tub for two so you can take the waters in the privacy of your room as often as you feel guided. Many places where you take the waters require you to pay a separate fee in addition to your stay and you are allocated a certain amount of minutes in the water. If you want to soak again, you would need to reschedule tub time and pay the fee again. At Lithia Springs you can enjoy the water as often as you like without prearranging a tub time and you can soak in the privacy of your own room; to me this is a huge plus. The ability to soak as often as you feel guided allows you to manage your own level of detox, releasing, and healing schedule. For someone like me who loves to be in the water, this is a perfect fit. In addition to the giant soaking tubs, every room has a fireplace, television, refrigerator, and soothing room décor.

There is also a spa on site where you can receive a variety of treatments. You can also schedule in room massages if you feel guided. Many people have told me that having a massage and then soaking in the water allows for an even deeper detox. While I have never participated in any of the spa services, I can imagine that they are just as lovely as all of the other services made available to the guests every day. High tea is served daily from 3-5 with a variety of organic hand baked scones, cookies, tarts, and other goodies. Fresh fruit is also served with a variety of tea selections. Every morning a full hot breakfast is served with organic produce harvested from the onsite gardens. As a strict vegan, I am accustomed to just enjoying a cup of tea at a breakfast service. However, I was pleased to find a large variety of food for people with a sliding scale of food sensitivities or alternative food plans. All of the food is prepared fresh every day and is delicious.

People who know me, know that I’m into details because the little things are a big deal to me. In addition to the beautiful grounds, high quality water, food, etc. Lithia Springs is big on details. Everywhere you look you find small but significant details that make you feel welcome, surprised, and overjoyed. For example, I was interested in the makeup of the water and any history about the location. Inside of each room there is a book with a detailed history of the location in addition to the scientific breakdown of every drop of water. Because I expressed interest in knowing more about the water, the team created a booklet for me to take home. There are lovely quotes on chalkboards, a selenite crystal “tree” and jars of cookies at arms’ reach in the sitting rooms. Fostering each of the senses is definitely a priority for the team at Lithia Springs and it’s evident as you move throughout the resort. 

If you’re like me and you spend a great deal of time writing and you find yourself under writing deadlines a good part of the time, then here’s another little perk about Lithia Springs. I have found that because of the serene quality of the grounds, water, and overall experience, I can churn out a lot of writing while visiting. I think this would be a wonderful place to send yourself for a writing retreat if you want to focus and finish some pending projects.

Lithia Springs supports an active wedding season in addition to supporting the visitors who come to participate in the Shakespeare Festival each year. I’ve visited the resort during different seasons and the one thing that always remains the same is the overall positive experience that I’ve had. If you’re going to be in the area and enjoy taking the waters, or perhaps would like to try taking the waters for the first time, staying at Lithia Springs is a wonderful place to slow down and practice self-care.