The Great Shake Up, Are You Feeling The Rumblings Of Change?

So, I don’t know about you but all of a sudden I feel like there’s so much change happening. The year has been off to a bit of a wobbly and slow start but as if an invisible curtain has been lifted, it sure feels like things are speeding up and shaking up. Everywhere I turn it seems like I’m receiving opportunities to make some big changes. How about you?

Some of it feels like a breath of fresh air; like things that I’ve been working on for a long time have finally gained traction and are coming together as if by magic. While other things have been a bit of a surprise. All in all, the forecast seems to be pointing to more change for the foreseeable future.

To be honest, I really like change. I know it’s not a popular camp to be in and can create a lot of growing pains but overall I like the fresh start and new beginning aspects of change. (It kind of reminds me of the feeling of starting a new school year.) Don’t get me wrong, some aspects can be down right challenging but all in all I enjoy the lightening process.

With change, there’s this quality of literally and emotionally releasing things, situations, places, and even people who are no longer a fit and there’s a tangible lightening that comes with that process. I find that people simultaneously release and break glass ceilings while going through change. There’s a quality of strength that shows up during change that helps to push us past our comfort zone and allows for more breathing room, the ability to see our own potential, and space to grow.

Right now, there seems to be a deep clearing happening where things are being brought to the surface for an opportunity to fine tune and really release what’s no longer needed. So, if you’re finding that people, cycles, or situations that you felt had wrapped up are showing up again, breathe. It’s okay, it’s actually part of this clearing and lightening process. Give yourself permission to dive deep into your feelings, restructure your boundaries, and give yourself permission to release the old. If you find that something or someone’s actions take you by surprise and you feel guided to let them go too, it’s okay.  (You never have to hold onto people who don’t honor you, no matter how long you’ve known them.) The rumblings of change are bringing things to the surface to be cleared and shifted. This clearing will lead to a healthier and happier life for you, one more aligned with where you’re going.

As you continue to move through the shifts, shake ups, and changes happening in your life right now; please remember to be good to yourself. Let the people in your world know what you need, ask for help, nurture your self care routine, and give yourself permission to say yes to the things that make your heart sing while saying no thank you and farewell to the things that don’t.

This is an exciting time of realignment and I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with you as we walk through this change, together. I know you can do it!

I’d love to hear how you’re moving through change right now and what you’re doing to take good care of yourself throughout the process. Please leave a comment below so we can share support with one another.


P.S. Do you know someone who’s going through a lot of changes right now too? Please forward this post over to them so they know they aren’t alone.