Spring Cleaning

Wow, can you believe that we’re greeting April already? This year sure has been a mixed bag of the whole one foot forward one foot back thing. I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s been a bit of a whirlwind and I’m looking forward to finding a little breathing room this month.

With Spring upon us (here in the northern hemisphere) the weather is starting to warm up and our days are getting longer. This seasonal shift means that we can get outside more easily and bring the outside in to help clear away any leftover winter blues. I really enjoy this time of year because it feels like things begin to pick up speed and doors we’ve been working toward opening, begin to open up. This year is no different, there has been so much change happening and this season looks to be on par for more of the same. That being said, it’s a great time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and increased energy in the direction of your passion projects and dreams.

One of the biggest challenges that keeps showing up is in finding time for all of the things that demand your attention while also making time for yourself. This can be especially challenging when there are unexpected curve balls thrown in on top of everything else. So, the question becomes, “How do I make time for me without dropping the ball on my responsibilities?” Sometimes, the next thought is to mentally make a list of all the things that need to get done and then telling yourself that you’ll give yourself some down time once everything is completed on your list. But, when that happens, almost as if by magic things that weren’t originally on the list seem to appear continuing to push your name down to the bottom, which means no down time, self care, or balance. Over time this repeating cycle can lead to burn out, exhaustion, sadness, and even feelings of the joy being diminished from life. This isn’t good and can create a lot of challenges both short and long term, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I’ve found that carving out small pockets of time for myself throughout the day makes a huge difference in the way that I feel and helps to restore a sense of balance and calm. You don’t need to take 30 minutes or more out of your schedule to experience a reset or to feel more like yourself again. Even 5-7 minutes can make a world of difference.

Now that the weather is getting better, getting outside is a powerful and quick way to clear away stress, thinking about lists, replaying tough conversations or interactions with others, and technology energy. If you can’t take a break to go for a walk, even opening a window and letting fresh air inside can help to refresh the way that you’re feeling too. There’s no one way or right way to carve out time for you, there’s just the ways that feel right for you at the time. You may want to try different things to see what resonates most for you. With the energy continuing to speed up as we move through this new season, committing to taking time for you will be a worthwhile investment. Trust me, you’re absolutely worth it!

Here are a few things you may want to try to see if you like them:

  • Listening to nature sounds or other soothing music at your desk. (You can find free relaxing music on Pandora or Spotify)
  • Use an essential oil diffuser to create a calming atmosphere around you
  • Set an alarm on your phone every hour to remind you to take a couple of minutes to breathe, push away from your desk, and stretch.
  • Listen to a quick but relaxing meditation file to help you decompress and relax
  • Go for a walk
  • Exercise
  • Sit on your yoga mat with your eyes closed while mindfully breathing for a minute or two.
  • Take a sea salt and or Epsom salt bath
  • Take technology breaks so you can decompress from the machine energy and from people being able to interrupt you. Taking tech breaks during meals can be a great way to build some down time into your day.
  • Color in a coloring book
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Invest in your creative outlet
  • Read a physical book

While we’re busier than we’ve ever been before in a time where we can access information, people, and work projects around the clock, it’s important to build support systems around us so we can experience a life that feels good to us. Just start where you’re standing and integrate things that feel good to you. You’ll find that this is something that becomes easier once you start. As quickly as this beginning of the year has passed by, I feel this next season is going to do the same. So, give yourself permission to slow down every day even for a few minutes so that you’re creating space for a life that matches your dreams and vision while also taking care of your responsibilities. It’s absolutely possible for you to live the life that you feel aligned with. So point your focus toward bliss, balance, and new beginnings for April. Then picture me cheering you on all month!

With love,