July, the perfect time to capitalize on play, pause, and parties...why slowing down = to big results.

July is one of my favorite times of year because it just feels like the theme of this month is about rest and relaxation…it seems to be baked in to the whole month. The days seem to slow down and there’s an overall feeling that taking time for fun is not only important but rather a high priority.

Isn’t it funny how we have connections to fun and certain times or months of the year? Most children are out of school this month, and there’s trips, travel, and special things being added into the calendar.

Have you ever noticed that when you take time to slow down you actually get more done? It’s one of the many paradoxes of life isn’t it? It’s the opposite of what we tell ourselves on most days, yet when we experience this slow down we also expand time. I also find that by taking time to do something fun and out of the ordinary from my day to day schedule, I feel more like myself, I have more energy, and I often think of ideas or answers to problems that I’ve been trying to figure out.

Maybe you’ve seen this same thing in your own life or while watching a fussy child get a break. After a little nap, play time, or fun activity there’s a palpable shift that happens and things seem to get back into alignment again. Being as busy as we are at this time in our human experience, we have to make a conscious effort to carve out fun time here and there on a regular basis to keep things moving forward. Every little bit adds up over time. But, sometimes there’s some extra support that we receive to shift our focus onto the power of play, pause, and parties and July just happens to be one of those times. Even if you aren’t a teacher on holiday for the summer and you have little one’s home during the day, allowing yourself to lean into the energy of July will allow you to reap the benefits of this beautiful slow down happening this month.

As you give yourself permission to surrender to the slow down, you’ll experience some great side effects like:

  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Fun
  • Rest
  • Relaxation
  • Inspiration
  • Ideas
  • Energy
  • And more…

You don’t have to plan a big vacation or allow your responsibilities to go by the wayside to enjoy the slow down this month. You can still enjoy the benefits of this respite and maintain your to do lists by shifting into that child-like space within you. (No matter what birthday you may be celebrating this year, your childlike joy and spark is always with you.)

  • So, try something new this month; it can be something as seemingly small as finally stopping at the new café, ice cream parlor, or shop you’ve been saying you’re going to get to all year.
  • Fall in love with your community all over again by taking yourself to do some of the local favorites that you only do when you have guests visiting you.
  • Go to a movie in the middle of the day or host a movie night in your back yard with your favorite friends + snacks.
  • Take a day trip to a place close by and play tourist.
  • Ride your bike, go for a swim, make homemade popsicles, catch lightning bugs, and tell stories by the fire pit while sipping lemonade.

Make little things the big things this month and watch how your days become infused with more moments of joy and fun. You’ll see that your days feel longer and that you can still get all your chores and responsibilities checked off your list. You may even open the door to that place within you where you reconnect to the magic of life all over again.

Fun, joy, rest and relaxation are important parts of our lives, equally important to all of the other things that we seem to get done each day. However, these are the things that tend to get placed onto the back burner of life for lots of reasons. When we get out of balance with how we’re spending our time, we can begin to feel worn down, burned out, or just plain off. The great news is that simple shifts allow us to refill, renew, and rejuvenate. The lovely month of July seems to be giving us an extra special dose of support in this important endeavor.

So, as you welcome this new month, take a little time to think about some of the things that you’ve been wanting to do, places you’ve been meaning to go, and people you’ve been meaning to visit. Then, give yourself permission to go for it. Schedule some play time into your schedule this month; invite people over for that garden party, lace up your sneakers, and enjoy this month in the way that feels right for you. I have a feeling you’ll find yourself refreshed and inspired….and ready to take on what comes next for you.

I’m wishing you a wonderful July and I hope that it’s filled with things that bring a smile to your face and happiness to your heart.

With love,

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