Your power is in simplicity, how to shift into this new "season of simple" with ease and grace.

I love this time of year because there’s such a mix of things happening for most of us. We’re still smack dab in the middle of summer here in the northern hemisphere which means the slow down of summer is still upon us; we may still have a little more travel to look forward to, and there’s a hint of back to school happening. I love it, I love all of it.

One of the big takeaways that I get when I travel is that simplicity is powerful.
I think this is something that on a core level we know and experience in our lives but while away from home; this truth becomes even more pronounced.

Have you noticed this while you’ve been traveling or enjoying day trips this summer?

Sometimes getting away from all of the stuff whether that’s physical or figurative stuff helps to make everything clear. I just got back from another off the grid vacation where I have no wifi or cell service. Talk about getting an opportunity to disconnect from the noise and stuff of daily life. But, even without taking a break from technology like that you can still feel your mind and body begin to unwind, relax, and release the stress you may not even realize that you’ve been holding onto while traveling.

Sometimes, we have so many things going on that it can make life feel overwhelming, exhausting, and challenging. When things are streamlined, lighter, or more simple, it seems to open up a door to calm, clarity, and consciousness.

Does that mean you need to live alone without wifi or things around you?
No, of course not.

What this does mean, however is that you can use the power of simplicity to bring the clarity or ease of being away back to your day to day life. If you tune into the feeling of a place or experience that you had while on vacation, what stands out to you the most?

  • Is it the feeling of relaxation, play, or downtime?
  • Is it the sights, smells, or experiences you had?

The great news is that you can integrate these feelings or experiences at home and this is the perfect time to do it.

Right now, while we’re still in the place of summer which is all about rest and fun, you can take a little time to clear away the things, situations, or ways of living that don’t feel like a match to you anymore.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this either; don’t overthink it. Most people know right away what things contribute to their tension or stress. Taking a few minutes to walk around your home and notice how you feel about each space will give you all the information you need about what is ready to leave.

Ask yourself:

  • Does this space feel good to me?
  • Does this match the vision I have for myself and or the way that I want to feel?
  • Am I using this?
  • Is it time to let this go?
  • Do I need support in moving things around in my home to make this a space which rises up to greet me?
  • Does someone need to move out of my home?

You’ll easily and effortlessly feel, see, hear, or know the answer to these questions.
Then, as soon as possible get that stuff out of your home or make the necessary arrangements for support to make the changes that you’re being guided to make. Donate, recycle, or host a garage sale to move the stuff out of your home. You may want to ask a friend or loved one to help you rearrange things if you feel that you could use some help in this area.

You’ll notice that once your environment is lighter and cleared of clutter that you feel lighter and clearer too.

You know that old adage that less is more? It’s really true and what I find is that when your space is clear, you have more time to enjoy your life, the people you love, and make more progress on the projects and or work that is meaningful to you. You also open up to your higher self and your spiritual connection more easily too.

Focusing on integrating an easy or gentle feeling into your home will help you to feel that vacation experience while you’re in between trips. Maybe bring in a candle that reminds you of the salty sea air of the beach, or a picture of a favorite place to help anchor in the feeling you get when you’re away. This will also support you in transitioning from the long slow days of summer into the back to school season.

Even if you aren’t a student or don’t have a student in your home, that back to school energy impacts all of us. Simplicity is a powerful way to prepare for the change in seasons. You’ll be able to move into any season or situation with ease and grace because you’ve created a vacation state of mind right in the heart of your own home.

Enjoy this summer state of mind and take a little time to make some shifts around you so you can enjoy this feeling all year long.


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