Why Letting Go Leads to More

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So here we are at, October already. This time of year always makes me think about where the summer went and how the end of the year is coming into sight. One of the great things about this month is that the Autumn season gets anchored during this time. It really starts to feel like fall, look like fall, and even smell like fall.

All the sights and sounds of the month have a palpable impact on the way that we feel on the inside.

  • Maybe you experience positive memories or continue meaningful traditions during this month that feel supportive for you.
  • Maybe you enjoy the physical shift of spending more time indoors as the days become shorter and the nights become longer.
  • Maybe you enjoy the streamlining that happens in preparation for the cooler weather.
  • Maybe you love pulling out sweaters, scarves, and other cooler weather clothing.
  • Maybe you enjoy all of the above and more.

Like you, I’m highly sensitive and am deeply impacted by each seasonal shift.

One of the things that really speaks to me during October is the letting go and clearing away that happens all around us.

  • We can watch the leaves pulling their resources within which gives them that gorgeous color before they drop their leaves for their winter rest.
  • The air becomes more crisp, cool, and wet; clearing away stagnant or old heavy air leftover from summer.
  • Daylight becomes shorter and the color of the light is almost golden.
  • Gardens and back yards begin to be put to bed and winterized.

The Gardens, that’s the one that gets me every year.
I recently put my gardens to bed and cut back, trimmed, and cleared away excess foliage in my back yard.  At the beginning of the project I always find myself feeling sad to be clearing everything away; it happens every year. Afterward, I always think, wow, that looks so much better and feels so much lighter. You’d think that after all of these years I wouldn’t have to go through the sadness part but I still do.

I find this to be such a great example of the abundance we receive this month by clearing away the old, the unnecessary, and the excess so we can enjoy what’s most important.

This clearing away energy that’s happening right now allows us to release anything extraneous so we can truly enjoy the settling in for the new season.
It almost seems counter-intuitive but mother nature knows that this organic shift allows us to open up to abundance and comfort as we clear away what’s come full circle for us.

Maybe for you, it’s:

  • Holding a Garage Sale
  • Donating Items from your closet
  • Doing a Deep Clean on Your Home
  • Finishing Up Remaining Projects

or anything else you feel called to do this month so you can enjoy the slow down of October while you invest in the things that are meaningful for you.

This season is all about:

  • Rest
  • Quiet
  • Comfort
  • Turning Inward
  • Coziness
  • Spending Time in Ways that Nurture You

I find that this month begins a deep nurturing for us on a core level if we allow ourselves to move with the energy of the season. By letting go we gain more of the experiences that feed our soul.

This doesn’t have to be hard or one more thing on your to do list, all you have to do is honor the calling that you have within you right now.

What is one thing that you feel guided to release so you can settle into October?
It’s usually the first thing that comes to mind.

Great; even getting that one thing moving will support you all month long in creating more time for the things, people, and experiences that are meaningful for you.
You’ll feel a huge relief as you clear this item or activity from your list.
You’ll also find that it’s easier to settle in for a restful and comforting season.

I’m wishing you a gentle and supportive October.
Go at your own pace this month and enjoy the palpable shift that’s happening all around us throughout, October.
With love,

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