How to Get More of What You Really Want

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Do you ever feel like there’s a running list in your mind about things that you want more of?

Things like:

  •          More Time
  •          More Fun
  •          More Joy
  •          More Playtime
  •          More Rest
  •          More Relaxation
  •          More Alone Time
  •          More Self Care
  •          More Time for Your Passion Projects
  •          More Money
  •          More Resources
  •          More Support
  •          More _____________________

If so, you’re not alone.
In fact most people have their own list of what they want more of and a list of where they are right now.

For most people the lists don’t match up which can lead to feelings and experiences including but not limited to:

  •          Stress
  •          Tension
  •          Overwhelm
  •          Anxiety
  •          Sadness
  •          Lowered Life Satisfaction
  •          Addictions/Addictive Behaviors
  •          Feeling Disconnected from Your Life

The great news is that you can make simple but significant shifts to bring your lists into alignment.

Yes, you can!

Even if you’ve tried before or you don’t feel like it’s possible for you; it really is possible.

One of the best ways to move toward more of what you want is to remove things that are standing in the way of your goals.

Nearly all people underestimate how much time they spend doing activities which eat up their life.

These are activities that don’t support your overall well being or forward motion towards the life you want to live.

Things like:

  •          Social Media (Yes, even if you own your own business, you don’t need to be on there all day.)
  •          You Tube
  •          Email
  •          Binge Watching Streaming Sites
  •          Communicating with friends or family for long blocks of time as a way to distract you from what you could be doing.
  •          Procrastinating by __________________________

People under report how often they invest their precious life into one or more of these activities.

With devices and notifications fully integrated into our lives; it’s imperative to get really clear on the kind of life that you want to live.

Focus on what you value and what kind of life you desire to live.

The truth is that technology and other goal grabbers aren’t going to go away; the distractions are only going to increase.

You can place healthy boundaries around the ways that you’ve been living so you can move into alignment with the life that you want to live. The way you do this is by saying no and removing the things that are literally blocking you from the life that resonates with you.

  •      Reducing Screen time
  •      Creating screen free zones
  •      Leaving your phone at home when you go somewhere (yes, you can do it.)
  •      Purchase or dig out a physical camera to take with you on adventures
  •      Turning off your wifi in the evening and leaving it off for at least an hour after you wake in the morning.

These are simple yet significant ways to take your life back.

Like anything new, there will be an adjustment period, however it will give you a better understanding of how often you were using these distractors.

You’ll quickly recapture the time that you lost and you’ll be able to move closer to your list of the life that you desire for yourself.

Online business specialists, tech specialists, and applied psychology experts have suggested that training ourselves to hold healthy boundaries around distractors will be one of the most important skill sets to master at this time as technology is going to increase distractions as we move forward.

What I know for sure is that you deserve to live a life that is fulfilling, uplifting, joyful, and aligned with your personal goals, dreams, and visions.

I hope that you will give yourself permission to invest in yourself and your quality of life by making subtle but significant shifts in the way you’re moving through your day to day life.

What is one thing you could do today to make space for your dream life? _________________________

Great, now take some action on that one thing!

You can do it, I’m cheering you on and it’s not too late to start something that is meaningful to you.
This is your life, right now, right this very second. Invest in the life that you truly desire. You’re worth it!

With love and gratitude,

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