Making the Most of September


Can you believe it’s already September? I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering where August went because it seemed to fly by. Here we are at the beginning of the Ber months which means we’re getting ready for a whole new season and a big energetic shift. You many be feeling this new energy already; it’s been moving in little by little for a couple of weeks now. I think that the back to school energy helps to get us ready for the shift, but this month there’s an opportunity for big positive change.

The summer was full of so many retrogrades and so much one step forward two or three steps back kind of energy that it may have felt challenging to get things done. Plus, summer tends to have a less structured feeling to it anyway, even if you’re not out of school for the summer; it’s often filled with travel and a slower pace.  Both of these things made for a bit of an unstructured experience and you can probably feel a pull to get back to basics and to getting things moving again.

You may have noticed that things that weren’t moving forward are coming back online for you.

  • Maybe you’ve pulled a project back out that you started earlier in the year and find that you have the energy to dive back into it.

  • Maybe you’ve had people or situations show up for you that you were trying to get into place earlier in the year that just seemed to have issues or challenges start to come together for you.

  • Maybe you’re feeling a pull to get things organized or lined up for the new season and feel energized as you make lists and get things going for your home, work, or creative life.

If you’re noticing any of these things, you’re feeling and tapping into the new energy that’s moving in for us this month. The great thing is that this energy is motivating, energizing, and it’s helping us to move forward. I keep seeing it as being on a trampoline that’s providing a big bounce so we can move forward in a big way while also having fun.

I’ve included a few ways to help you get on board with this new energy this month so you can make the most out of your September. Of course there’s no one way or right way to do this, it’s just the way or ways that feel right for you.

The following things showed up really clearly as I was asking how best to work with this energy and I wanted to share them with you. I hope they will help to inspire you to try some of these things or create a support system that’s all your own.

Reset, Reframe, Restage

This is a big clear out method that will have your home and or work space feeling brand new and full of possibilities and opportunities.
Do a clearing of the clutter project.
This doesn’t have to be a major overhaul, it could be on your pantry, closet, or anywhere in your home. If you want to do your whole space, great go for it.

  • Make some piles to donate old clothes, books, magazines, or anything else that you’re finished with.

Lightening the load in your home lightens the energy and overall feeling inside it and this feeling impacts all the people living in or visiting the space.

  • Dust off shelves, move things around, reframe and restage your home or work space.

Simple shifts make a significant impact on the way your spaces feel for you. When things feel light and airy, you’ll feel calm and will find that it’s easier to focus. Highly sensitive people (like yourself) are very impacted by the spaces around them.

  • Clutter, dust, and trapped energy can actually contribute to or exacerbate nervousness, anxiousness, and feelings of being ungrounded or off. You may want to sage your home to move out any trapped energy that could be hanging out inside or around your home.

Mark it Down, Make it Happen
You know that old saying, “If you write it down you’re more likely to do it.”
Well I won’t bore you with the data about this but we do know that writing things down, with a pen or pencil on a piece of paper helps us to get things done. I know, I know you have all that fancy software and all those apps.

  • Technology is great, but if you’re trying to make some movement on something that’s been on your list for a good part of this year, maybe sit down and write out a physical list.

  • Place your list somewhere you’ll see it every day and write down the steps you need to take to move forward with your list. Watch how you’re able to gain traction and momentum on the items that are on your physical list. Notice how great it feels to cross things off your list as you make things happen.

Nest to Support Rest
Creating a comforting place to live and or work is really important especially for sensitive souls. As we move deeper into the month and continue to have shorter days and longer nights you may notice that you feel guided to spend more time at home or indoors. This is a great time to pull out throw blankets, pillows, and other favorite autumn things that you tucked away during the summer months.

  • Adding layers of soft fabrics, colors, gentle lighting, and other favorite things will help you to feel calm, supported, and at ease. When the body feels at ease, it’s easier to decompress, destress, and come back into balance. Creating a gentle space also supports better sleep.

As you move into this month, find some ways to work with this new energy that’s helping us to get back to basics and get things moving in the right direction. Have fun with this shift and enjoy the last days of summer as we get ready to welcome the autumn season and all it brings with it. There’s still time to get to the things that you want to accomplish this year and this month is giving us a great way to kick off the season of getting things done.

I’m wishing you a wonderful month and I’m looking forward to working with you during an intuitive session, coaching, or an energy treatment!
With love,

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