October's Here: New Month, New Season, New Energy

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Happy October!

Does this 1st day of October make you want to break out the apple cider recipe + the classic Halloween movies as much as it does for me? As soon as this day rolls around it’s like a little internal alarm sounds for me and I’m like yep it’s time for all the things. They show up at my house as cider, homemade pumpkin bread for me and all my neighbors, knitting projects, cozy socks, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and of course Hocus Pocus.

This month brings with it darker and shorter days, changing colors in the leaves and a deep pull to bring our awareness and feelings inside. We’re even encouraged to spend more time indoors as the weather becomes cooler and the daylight dwindles with each passing day.

There’s a big theme about Home and Hearth throughout October.

  • Maybe this theme shows up for you as cozy evenings in front of your fireplace with a hot bowl of soup.

  • Maybe you feel guided to start working your way through your reading pile you haven’t gotten around to until now.

  • Maybe you like to take a morning walk to watch the leaves change each day.

  • Maybe it’s decorating your home and being the person who passes out the full sized candy bars.

  • Maybe it looks like a tradition that started in your family or while you were in college that you’ve kept going all these years.

Whatever that pull is for you, give yourself permission to enjoy and nurture this Hearth and Home theme that’s showing up for you. Not only does it help to usher in this new season, but it’s also creating nurturing + comfort for you and for everyone else who comes into your home.

You may have heard that this time of year is deeply connected to the spirit world.
It’s true, this time of year is a time when we can more easily feel, see, hear, and know the messages that our departed family members, guides, and angels are sharing with us. As we get quiet and bring our awareness inside, we can more easily receive our messages. It’s no surprise to me that a season all about coming inward and enjoying the comforts of home would also be a time where we experience more connection to our spiritual messages and messengers.

If this is something you enjoy, make a little note to be more aware of these connections that you experience this month.

  • Maybe you’ll want to write down the messages or synchronicities that you experience throughout the day.

  • Maybe you’ll want to keep a dream journal this month to help you keep track of any important messages or dream visits that show up for you.

  • Maybe you’ll create a way to mark these moments that’s completely personal for you.

In Chinese medicine, this time of year focuses on healing grief, the lungs, and the large intestine. This circles back to this theme of coming inward and practicing self care which often brings up opportunities to heal. Again, it’s no surprise to me that a month known for a deeper connection to our spiritual lives is also connected to healing and grief. This is a powerful month for deep healing, connection, and comfort.

The great thing is that you don’t have to push or try to force this to happen as it’s built into the fabric of October. This month kicks off a season of slowing down, turning inward, and investing in comfort, quiet, and things that feel soothing and supportive for you on deep interpersonal levels.

The only thing you have to do to be in the rhythm of this month is to ask yourself what you feel guided to do.
Then, take action on whatever that is for you.
Yay, easy, right?

Ask yourself this question every day, and pay attention to the answer that you receive. Your answer can show up as a feeling, thought, memory, or a knowingness of what is right for you. The more you can invest in what shows up for you the more that you’ll find yourself organically moving into and with this theme of
Hearth + Home + Healing.

This can be:

  • Enjoying a hot cup of tea

  • Getting out your favorite throw pillows and blankets

  • Eating your favorite meal

  • Listening to a favorite song

  • Looking through old photo albums

It’s whatever shows up for you.

If one of the things that you’re wanting to experience this month is more connection with your departed loved ones, guides, and angels; all you have to do is ask for them to give you messages. There’s no one way or right way to do this, it’s whatever feels right for you on any particular day.

Here’s what I ask for when I feel like I could use a little more support; feel free to use it or adjust as you see fit.

Please give me clear signs in my physical world which I’ll easily notice and understand as I move though my day, today. Please make my messages so clear that they’re basically like flashing neon signs that say hey, Kristy this is a sign for you.

See, there’s no right way to ask for your signs, it’s just what’s right for you, and I like really clear obvious signs. Once you start receiving your signs + messages, just say thank you and if you’d like more of them you can ask for more of them. (Easy Peasy)

My wish for you this month is that you enjoy this time of turning inward and slowing down. This is a natural time for self care, comfort, and healing.

Make a commitment to yourself to make this time yours by honoring the things that feel quintessentially October for you, whatever they may be.

Kristy~ xoxo

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