Full Circle Moments, Saying Goodbye To A Dream

I have recently been dealing with the delicate balance that comes with saying goodbye to a dream. You know that moment when your dream has come full circle and it is time to let go and move on? Yep, that’s what I have been working through over the last several weeks. I think we get lots of these moments throughout our lives; I know I have had quite a few. Even with the excitement that comes from new beginnings; there is definitely something to be said for the in between space; the place where you have to say goodbye to a part of your life that is going away. It’s in the dealing with this in between space that is so important. It’s in this space where the healing, growth, gratitude, and closure make their presence known. It’s important to sit in this space when working through any big life change as a way to really close one door and open another. Since I have been sitting in this space I thought I would share a bit about my experience with you in case you too are moving through change at the moment.
Okay, so as a child I always wanted to live in an apartment above a shop or a restaurant in a downtown area. I wanted to live in a really old building that had lots of stories woven into its walls. I dreamed of brass hardware, glass door knobs, a jack and jill with plated glass. I wanted my little apartment to have huge old moldings, doors with panels in them, a claw foot tub, pedestal sink and a view of the tree lined street below.  I am not really sure why I wanted this from the time I was so little, but I could always see this apartment clear as day in my mind and heart. I never lived in that apartment sad to say. However, on April 9th 2009 I signed a lease for an office in the downtown community where I live and it had every single item on my wish list from my childhood. Including the claw foot tub. I remember when I went to see it, I was in a complete state of shock because I couldn’t believe that after all these years I had finally walked into my little dream home. I signed immediately because I knew that was where I was meant to be. Every day I went to work which felt like a home away from home; I felt so happy to do work that I loved in a place that felt magical to me. My office was literally a dream come true for me.
But, as the only constant in life is change, so too was it time to say goodbye to my childhood dream “apartment.” Today I started work in my new office which is also in a really old building downtown with great moldings and a fabulous view of a tree lined street below. As “grown ups” we know that endings are merely beginnings however it doesn’t make the natural pangs that come with letting go any easier. For me, I feel it is important to sit in that space just for a bit (or longer if need be) to really honor and feel all the life, the moments, the joy of the beginning and the sadness of letting go to honor the whole chapter of the experience.
It’s funny how spaces and places become completely interwoven into the fabric of our lives.  After the last item had been loaded onto the truck I sat in my little childhood dream apartment and let the last 6 years wash over me. I thought about all the people that had walked through my doors, the dreams that came true for me in that very space, the happiness that was experienced there as well as the tears that were shed by many and how grateful I was to have had my childhood wish granted in a way I never could have imagined.
If you are going through change, even little changes know that the emotions you are feeling are paving the way from one door to another. Give yourself permission to move through all the facets of your change at the rate that is right for you and in the ways that rise up to greet you. In times like this, I am reminded of how important it is to stay in the moment as much as possible each day because we are always moving toward change. Finding ways to feel grateful for the simple things in our day to day lives can help to ground us into our lives more deeply and can support us in experiencing our lives more fully. Reaching out for support during a time of letting go is so important while remembering to be really good to yourself too. No matter what your personal change looks like, when you let go make time to honor the space within you that feels the loss so you can more gently transition into the new with excitement and joy.
I am wishing you new beginnings filled with joy and here’s to new dreams coming true!

P.S. Do you know someone who is going through change or who you think could benefit from this message? Please forward this over to them so they know that they are not alone in this thing we call letting go. Thank you!