April, A Breath Of Fresh Air

Hi, happy April!

I don’t know about you but I can definitely feel a big difference in the way this month feels (even though we are at day one) in compared to the way the other months have felt so far this year. Here in my little corner of the world we are officially knee deep into springtime. All of the trees are filled with flowers and leaves and it seems like everywhere I look there are pops of color and flowers showing up that weren’t there the day before. I feel like all of the plants all over town are waiting for the city to sleep so they can bloom and then surprise everyone when we get up to greet another day.

To be honest, the energy that is happening right now really reminds me of this “blooming” experience that I have been noticing the last week or so. There is something happening and you might even be able to feel it. If you are really quiet you might even be able to hear it. You may just know that something is shifting. However it is showing up for you is great and it is showcasing this shift that is happening right now. Just like those flowers that are opening up almost magically so too is this new energy that is unfolding right now.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we just wrapped up the final Pluto Uranus Square in a set that began in 2012. Well, if you think back over the time from 2012 to now you may feel like there have been some big starts and stops that have shown up for you throughout that time. (I know I have found them in my life.) This energy right now feels like it is practically buzzing and it feels like things are literally preparing to break open and bloom. Think about all of those things that you have been chipping away at that just haven’t been able to come to complete fruition…guess what? It is time to really pull that stuff off the shelf and dig into them because this is a really big time for positive change.

What I keep being shown in addition to this being a time which is ripe for new beginnings and things coming to fruition is the importance of balance. I know, I know, the “B” word. The big thing that keeps coming through for me as being really important is all about the Body (another B word).  With all of this big forward motion happening it is going to be really important to make your body’s needs a number one priority.

Here are some things that I have seen that will be imperative for finding balance during this time:

  • Make Sleep a Priority
  • Drink a lot of water (more than usual)
  • Gentle Movements Daily
  • Walking, Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Riding a Bike
  • Eat Light foods and Drinking Juices
  • Quiet Time (even 5-7 minutes daily)
  • Getting away from Electronics for small windows of time each day (20 minute blocks)

You may have noticed that you have been receiving these messages from your angels and guides too. It seems like everywhere I look I am seeing people on cleanses and detoxes; and I have found myself thinking, “Awesome, they are following their guidance!” I am also currently on a detox cleanse and it really feels like a perfect time to wash away the old and help my body to have more strength, balance, and clarity.

If you are wondering how to create more balance in your life this month; you can look over the list that I received and see what resonates for you. Then you can take a couple of deep breaths and ask your higher self, “What is it that I am being guided to do or change right now so my body can more easily move into a place of balance?” Then pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, images you see, or words that you hear so you can better understand your own body’s needs at this time.

However this buzzing energy and positive change is unfolding for you; know that it is all unfolding for your highest good. This energy seems to be brining changes really quickly; so if you are finding that to be true for you too; know that you are not alone. Are you all of a sudden moving? Letting go of lots of stuff? Starting a new business? Finishing your book? Quitting a job that is no longer a fit? Or any number of big changes? Then know that you are right smack dab in the middle of a very exciting new chapter of your life. (yay!) Enjoy your changes and make time for the balance in your life and for your body so you can keep riding this wave of happy change.

If you would like me to work with you one on one to look at the specifics that are showing up for you right now, I would love to get you into my schedule. We will look at all of your personal shifts, messages, and ways to move forward so you can get the most out of this magical new energy that is happening this month.

I am wishing you a fantastic beginning to this new month!

P.S. Do you know someone who you think could get some support from this blog post? Please forward it on to them so they can get some additional support as well. Thank you!