A New Season And A New Beginning

Hi, happy first day of March! So, here we are greeting the third month of 2015 already. How have things been going for you so far? For some the beginning of the new year has been a bit of a mixed bag. (for me too) There have been a lot of starts and stops as we have been moving through the first couple of months. However, even with that experience; there have also been some great opportunities to really refine what is important to us as we begin to understand our theme for the new year.
This year I have worked with a lot of people who have felt a bit frustrated about their forward motion. I have heard things like:

  • “It shouldn’t be this challenging to get through my list.” 
  • “I have never had so many things showing up as distractions for me.”
  • “When is the energy going to shift?”

If you can relate to any of these sentiments; know that this has been a common experience for most of us across the board.
One of the things that I have continued to remind people about is the fact that we are still in the winter season (in the northern hemisphere) and that the energy of waiting and resting is connected to winter. I find that there is a bit of a readjustment after the new year each year for people as they adjust to their own natural rhythm and begin to move forward according to their own time frame. However, this year has seemed to bring a bit more of the one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake experience for people. So, if you feel like this resonates for you; first and foremost take a breath. Then, know that you aren’t alone and that this month is bringing some big changes.
We are preparing to move into spring on March 20th which is only a hop, skip, and a jump away. As we move closer to this new season, you may find that your energy, ideas, inspiration, and action begin to increase along with the longer days. Spring is the time where we begin to literally see new signs of life all around us. All of the hard work that you have done begins to show up which creates momentum and more forward motion.
If you have been feeling a bit ho hum about how quickly things have been moving for you this year, take heart. The truth is that the beginning of this calendar year has been supporting you in reviewing and streamlining the things that are really important to you. That is a very valuable gift which will support you in moving forward this season. Winter is also a time for rest and renewal which provides you with enough energy, excitement, and ability to execute changes when the time is right.
The energy is shifting in big ways this month but it is really important to remember that we are still walking between two seasons. We have one foot in winter and one is spring. So, while we enjoy moving through this shift it is imperative for you to be conscientious about your own needs and energy levels. If you feel like you need to rest and take it easy, do that. If you feel inspired and ready to dig into new projects, fantastic, go for it! This is a time when we can learn a lot from the world around us. We see blossoms opening up on trees and the sun shining one day and then snow on the ground and grey skies the next. Move with the natural rhythm of your own inner wisdom and the needs of your body.
I promise you that you will still be able to get to the things that are calling to your heart this year. In truth, spring is the actual beginning of our new year. Prior to the Gregorian calendar spring marked the new year. It makes sense doesn’t it? The plants and animals rest during winter and wake up to begin a new year during the spring. Even though we honor January 1st as our new year, there is still a very powerful inner clock that supports us. We can really feel the influence of this inner clock when we tune into the seasons. Use your internal clock this month to support you in moving forward while also honoring your own inner guidance to rest when needed.
This month I am sending you support as you continue to balance your call to rest and your call to action. Each of these callings is equally important and will support your dreams, goals, and passion projects in equal measure. 

Here is a method to help you begin to increase your momentum this month:

  • Focus on what it is that you know you want to do
  • Don't water down your desires and dreams, be honest about what it is that you really want.
  • Release the things that are no longer needed within your world
  • This can include people and ways of living such as habits and old behaviors.
  • Old stuff that is clogging up spaces within your home or property weigh you down and slow you down. Commit to getting your space cleared.
  • Create some support systems in your life so you can actualize what it is that you know you are meant to do this year.
  • Schedule that healing or support session, contact someone in your field for mentoring, hire an expert, ask for help from a trusted friend.
  • Don't wait or place this step on the back burner; this is the step that helps to spring board you and your dreams forward. You are worth the investment, I promise!