New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year!
I hope this finds you well as you begin your 2016. As I was sitting in my professional office and thinking about the new year; I kept getting waves of memories and thoughts from my past. Some of the memories that showed up were from recent years and others were from a lot further back. It was almost like watching a slide show of happy memories from my life so far. What I noticed the most as these waves washed over me was that they were mostly big takeaway moments for me. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they were all accomplishment focused, although some of them were, they were takeaway moments for me. They resonated for me in a way that I find meaningful. And, to be honest that’s the thing that matters most, isn’t it? Not moments that someone else may feel are meant to be meaningful for you, but the ones that you know are the touchstone moments. Whether big or small, happy or tearful, in the end they are yours.

Throughout my life, I’ve always been committed to following what has been right for me in my heart. Even when people thought that I should do one thing over another, I have always chosen to follow my own true North and it has made all the difference. People often ask me for advice or insight as a new year begins. People ask me how to move forward, make changes, and commit to a life that honors who they are; all of these are important questions and things that I’m committed to helping people navigate year round. However, when I was thinking about all of the memories of years gone by; I found that the times I invested in making changes that truly matched what I knew I was being guided to do always led to the happiest life experiences and personal fulfillment. Always. I also know that we’re only here for a limited time and that there won’t always be “more time” to do the things that call to our heart and to live the life that we are being called to live.

So, as you greet your new year, I would invite you to take some time to think about the big takeaway moments that you’ve experienced in your life so far. What have been the major themes that have been the most poignant for you? How have those moments shaped your life? How are you continuing to create more of those moments in your present life? Have you set your priorities or goals on a shelf for some reason? If so, why?

I encourage you to invest in yourself this year. The truth is that time will continue to move forward no matter what; and it’s what you do with your time that matters. The number one complaint and cause of hurt on many levels in the clients I’ve worked with over the last 16 years is not doing what they know they are here to do. Period. There’s a huge sliding scale as to why people aren’t doing what they know they are being guided to do, but at the end of the day the sadness and heart hurt comes back to putting themselves and their dreams last.

Choose to make this year a standout year for yourself. Reach out to people who can truly support you and don’t wait for a seemingly perfect time to move forward. There will never be a more perfect time than right now. Do you know why? Because your life is happening right now, right this very moment, and this is it. That’s a pretty darn good reason if you ask me, plus, you’re totally worth it! I promise.

I’m wishing you a wonderful new year, I hope this will be your very best year so far! I look forward to working with you and supporting you in investing in yourself during 2016.