Love Is In The Air; Can You Feel It?

Happy February!
Here we are in the second month of 2016 already and I don’t know about you but this month always seems to fly by for me. Maybe it’s the 28 or 29 days this month, maybe it’s the holidays sprinkled throughout, or maybe it’s because signs of spring begin to show up here and there. Whatever it is, this month seems to bring with it a bit of speed as we begin to settle into the new year.
Along with signs of new beginnings and a feeling of getting accustomed to the new year, this month is filled with messages of love. Pink and red hearts, cherubs, and the like seem to be everywhere you look. While many people focus on the love that they have with someone special in their lives this month, I think it’s also a perfect time to focus on the love you have for yourself as well. After all, loving ourselves first is what allows us to share love with the people in our world who mean so much to us. If we don’t take the time to invest in the relationship with ourselves, our other relationships experience challenges too. Over the years, I’ve found that “grown ups” can sometimes forget how to do this. Not because they aren’t capable but rather because they get out of the habit of investing in themselves.

For example, many clients have told me that they don’t really know what they like to do for fun anymore. They feel they’ve spent so much time putting off the activities and projects they once enjoyed for so many years because of ___________ that they don’t even know where to start anymore.
Others have told me that they feel like the spark or joy of life has become dull or diminished for them as adults.
Some have described their life as one big day that keeps repeating itself because there seems to be no variety or new experiences.
Maybe you can identify with some of these thoughts or feelings.

While these experiences can feel challenging, they also provide an opportunity to make some positive changes. Even seemingly small shifts lead up to big changes over time. I’ve seen people change their lives by investing in themselves for 20 minutes a day. Honestly. You can too! A powerful way to gain insight into what is ready to leave your life is by connecting with the things, situations, or people that don’t resonate with you anymore. You may be wondering how can do this. Simply going over a list of challenging situations in your mind, or journaling about them can help you to pin point the places and spaces that are causing your strain, weighing your down, or dimming your light.
Right away you will have a clear idea of what can be shifted out quickly and some other things that may take a little more time. As you let go of the seemingly small things, you can replace them with activities that nurture you.
For example, if you notice that you spend a lot of time at home with the television on in the background and you want to read more, or play music, or sketch etc. Create a time in your day where you turn off the television and then use that time as an investment in you. This may seem simple, you may think it seems too simple. Guess what? It is simple and research shows that these small but significant shifts are what lead to increased happiness, joy, and life satisfaction.
As you invest in yourself in little pockets of time, you’ll find that your joy begins to come back. People often find that their energy increases and that they feel more excited about life again once they start to reintegrate the things that feed their soul on a regular basis. Like anything, the more you do it, the more natural it becomes. We begin to create new habits after doing something for at least 21 days. With this being the shortest month of the year, with only 29 days this month; why not make February the month that you begin investing in yourself again.
20 minutes for 29 days is definitely doable. You can set an alarm on your phone, google calendar, or hard copy calendar (if you still use one like me) and carve out time for yourself. This investment in yourself will pay you back many times over. In addition to experiencing more happiness, joy, and life satisfaction you may also find that your relationships improve and that things which have come full circle for you organically shift out of your life.
With so much energy surrounding love this month and the focus on self-care and new beginnings, I invite you to make this month about self-love. I promise you that you deserve it and you’re worth the investment!

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