Weathering The Eclipse Storm

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The last three weeks have come with a lot of intense energies, big astrological events, and personal shifts for many people. If you've been feeling off, foggy, exhausted, or extremely sensitive then you're experiencing this energetic weather storm too. Many people that I've talked to have been feeling under the weather, myself included. (Which is why I haven’t been posting.) This has definitely been a big shift and we’re coming up on another eclipse this Wednesday, March 23rd. (This time we're going to experience a Prenumbral Lunal Eclipse.) The energies we’ve been moving through during this window of time between these two eclipses have been supporting us in releasing the old, worn out, and residual hurt we’ve been holding onto, whether consciously or unconsciously. While this is helpful and allows us to open up to big change, forward motion, and more freedom, it can also feel uncomfortable or downright painful at times.

Here are some things that may support you in moving through this time:

Treat yourself with TLC:

Many people are experiencing extreme or heightened sensitivity so honor your needs and try to be as gentle as you can with yourself.

Create a Gentle Environment:

Reduce loud noises, light, and intensity within your home and work space (to the best of your ability).

Drink lots and lots of water:

Increasing your water intake helps with any skin sensitivity or body aches you may be experiencing.

Eat gentle foods:

Some people are noticing that their stomach feels more sensitive than usual and even a bit acidic. Soups, smoothies, fresh green drinks, and any other gentle foods you enjoy are a good idea right now.

Increase Alkalinity:

Because so many people are feeling under the weather in addition to their emotional sensitivity, increasing foods and drinks that support an alkaline body can help you feel stronger, and more like yourself. An alkaline body also helps to fight off any ick that could be trying to linger around.

Neti Pot:

Using a nasal wash can really help with any pressure you may be feeling in your head, ears, and sinuses.


It’s important to get a lot of sleep right now. During intense energy shifts, the body often feels tired, lethargic, feverish, and heavy or dense. Even if you aren’t a big fan of napping, try to give yourself permission to rest and nap when you feel guided.

Ask for help:

This can be a tough one especially for highly sensitive people like yourself. Try not to push against your own limits and let the people in your world know that you need help. Then, allow yourself to receive that help once it’s offered to you.

Go Slow:

This energy wave has been about rest which can be frustrating and challenging when you want to get a lot of things done. The more you can move with your natural rhythm the easier this shift will be for you. I’ve found that moving against the guidance to rest leads to more sensitivity symptoms.

Salt Baths:

Soaking in an Epsom and Sea salt bath helps to pull toxins from your body, soothes aches and soreness, and increases feelings of calm.

Diffuse Pure Essential Oils:

Using pure essential oils can help to increase a calm environment while also supporting you in breathing easier, reducing congestion, and reducing bacteria within your home or office.


If you’re experiencing a lot of emotions, thoughts, memories, or healing coming up for you right now, that’s completely natural. Writing and processing your thoughts and emotions can support you in clearing and healing.

Honor Your Inner Knowing:

Follow your own guidance as you continue to move through this intense time. You know what’s best for you; but please be gentle with yourself and know that you’re doing an amazing job!

I’m wishing you a gentle and healing eclipse cycle.


Here’s some things you may want to try to help Alkaline your body:

  • Drink Lemon or Lime Water
  • Drink Water with Lemon juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, and a dash of Cayenne and Cinnamon
  • Drink Green Juices (Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Apple) or any recipe that you really love.
  • Eat Gentle Vegetable Soups with a Miso Broth