Check in with Astrology and the Angels for the Aries Cycle

Elizabeth Pendleton joins me to discuss all things Astrology and Angels as we greet the Fiery Cardinal Aries energy. I'm going to share the angel messages that have come through for us and Elizabeth will explain what's happening in the stars. Find out how this passionate energy will work with the other Astrological Events happening this month and how you can work with these energies too. 
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Why Increasing Water Leads to Increased Intuition

People ask me for tips on increasing their intuition all the time. One of my favorite ways to open up those intuitive pathways is by increasing water. I think this one goes under the radar for people sometimes; maybe it’s because it seems so simple that it gets overlooked, but it’s one of my favorite go to ways to fire up the intuitive muscles. There’s several ways to increase water and they all work wonderfully but I suggest using all of them. You may not be able to do all of them all the time but you can mix up the ways you increase water based on what’s right for you and your lifestyle. I’ve included some ways below but please feel free to create your own recipe for increased water in your own life.

Drink More Water:

This one tends to be the most overlooked tip for increasing intuition.
Many people overestimate how much water they’re drinking in a day. Water helps the brain and the body work efficiently and we are interdependent on water to maintain our health and life.
Without drinking water, we can’t live very long. Dehydration contributes to a long list of issues and one of those includes challenges with thinking and focusing. When you’re dehydrated it’s also more challenging to connect with your spiritual gifts and intuition.

Water also helps to move toxins out of the body; allowing the body to physically be more clear, light, and receptive. When the body is weighed down or polluted, the intuitive channels can become cloudy and weighed down too. It’s similar to being in really bad traffic on the freeway because there is an issue up ahead. Everyone and everything becomes impacted by that issue which slows everything down and doesn’t allow for things to move along as smoothly as they should.

Some people count tea and fruit juices as water consumption and add it to their daily amount of water. I’ve found that drinking water and hitting the amount that’s right for your body is a game changer in opening up and increasing your intuition.

If you divide your body weight in half and drink that amount in ounces, you will be drinking the *suggested amount of water for your body.
(If you weigh 120 pounds, you would drink 60 ounces of water each day to reach your daily suggested amount. This measurement may vary depending on your particular situation, please check with your health care professional about what’s right for you.)

Feel free to enjoy other beverages along with your daily water but drinking water in its natural state without tea added to it etc. is the big game changer. It’s fine to infuse your water with cucumber, lemon, or other fruits and veggies that you like. Just avoid counting caffeine and sugar spikes as your daily water intake.

Out of Sight Out of Mind:

If you’re like me and forget to drink water unless it’s right next to you, don’t worry. You can still get your water in for the day, but you’ll have to carry it around with you. The great news is that there’s lots of water bottles on the market now, there’s one for everyone. Go get one that you like or dig yours out from the back of your cupboard and fill it first thing in the morning and carry it around with you. It will make it so much easier to remember to drink your water and you’ll notice that you’ll remember to refill it once it gets low.

Listen to Water:

The sound of water is very calming, clearing, and helps the body to release and relax. Maybe you’ve noticed that when you’re at the beach, lake, or even near a water fountain you begin to let go and feel more relaxed. Some people can physically feel tension or pain reducing when they hear the sound of water.

When we reduce or remove stress we can more easily access our intuition and messages from our angels, guides, and departed loved ones. Whether you have a water fountain in your home or office, live near a large body of water, or you listen to water sounds on a music file; you can increase your intuition by spending time listening to the sounds of water.

Take a Dip:

Getting into water is a quick and effective way to clear away the noise of the world and to calm the mind and the body. Just like listening to water helps the mind, body, and spirit to release and relax; getting into water does the same thing but it’s even more powerful. Swimming in a large body of water, soaking in a bath, and even taking a shower can help to open up your intuition. Many people report coming up with ideas, inspiration, and solutions when they’re in water; maybe you’ve experienced the same thing. I’ve received a lot of intuitive messages and downloads while in and under water and know a lot of intuitive folks who talk about the clarity they receive from being in and under water. All water supports increased intuition but I’ve found that getting into salt water has a super charging effect on the connection and clarity. Any way that you can get into water, including your swimming pool, hot tub, or bath tub will help you to continue to open up and nurture your intuitive muscles.

I hope you’ll enjoy finding ways to increase your connection with water and enjoy opening up your intuition at the same time.


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How to Beat the Winter Blues and Hit the Ground Running

Here we are greeting March, can you believe it? I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling like I could use a little R & R. This time each year, I feel that there’s an adjustment that happens during this last push of winter. Even though we celebrate January 1st as the official first day of the new year and begin our plans and projections, it’s still winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter is a time of rest, slowing down, and replenishing before the burst of energy that comes with springtime.
I’ve found that the hustle and bustle of the new year combined with the dark and gloomy winter weather can leave me feeling tired and a little sluggish. This seems to make things feel a bit more challenging and to take more energy than they should. Have you noticed that you’re experiencing some push pull things happening for you?
One day you feel great, and then the next day it seems like it takes so much more energy to get through your list?
Or maybe one night you sleep great and feel refreshed in the morning, but the next night not so much?
If you’re experiencing this, you’re not alone.
This last cycle before spring officially arrives is a great time for a reboot and a restructuring. So, instead of the lists and goal setting that comes with the beginning of the year. This reset is more about slowing down and honoring the need that your body has to store up extra energy. When you notice that one foot forward one foot back flux in your energy it’s because your body is still in a bit of winter mode.

The more that we can let go of the extraneous stuff the easier it will be to move with this ebb and flow energy. Saying no to things that don’t feel like a fit, that feel heavy or draining, and reducing jarring sounds and harsh lighting can help you get the most from this reboot and restructuring.
There may be some things that were on your lists for the new year that aren’t as important to you now as they were on January first. Give yourself permission to restructure your priorities while making rest high on your list right now.

When the burst of energy shifts for springtime, you’ll feel more ready to hit the ground running if you give yourself this time to restore and replenish. This doesn’t mean you have to tune out from your life, you can refill your well by doing simple shifts that add up quickly.

Some key words for this cycle include:
slow, gentle, calm, and soothing.

Saying Yes to things like:

Going for a walk
Listening to music
Slowly drinking a cup of tea
Reading a book
Watching a movie
Snuggling up in front of a fire place
Or anything that feels soothing and restorative to you is a wonderful way to support yourself during this reboot.
If you’re feeling a little bit off due to several dark days on top of this need for a slow down, you may be sun sensitive. I’m very sensitive to a lack of sunlight and this definitely compounds the one foot forward one foot back energy that’s happening at this time.

I’ve included some of my favorite ways to help fight the winter blues as we round out this last bit of the dark until the light returns in the spring. Even though the spring is right around the corner, this last push of winter can support us if we allow ourselves to move with the rhythm happening right now.
Drink more water:
Hydration helps with keeping energy levels high and washes away toxins that could be hanging out in your body.

Increase full spectrum lighting:
You can find full spectrum lightbulbs and light boxes online and in some big box stores. (These make a huge difference. I keep my lightbox on my bathroom counter and turn it on when I get ready for work and I’ve noticed a big difference in the way that I feel.)

Increase chlorophyll:
Drinking green drinks is analogous to drinking sunlight which helps to boost your energy without creating the crash that you get from drinking caffeine. Green drinks can also help to reduce dark under eye circles and dull looking skin.

Listening to upbeat music can help you lift your energy and the energy of your home and office.

Even 5 minutes of exercise can increase the feel good chemicals in your brain and body and can increase your energy and mood levels.
The compounding issue that can happen with exercise is that if you have low energy you may not feel like exercising. 5 minutes makes a huge difference and you’ll feel much better. You can do 5 minutes.

Stay Warm:
Spa’s, Sauna’s, Steam Rooms, and Hot Baths can help to reduce any aches you may be feeling from the cold. These warm treatments can also help reduce the experience of skin sensitivity.

Soft Clothing:
Increased skin sensitivity is a common experience, wear soft and gentle clothing and use soft and gentle bedding.

Fresh Air:
It’s easy to stay inside when it’s cold and dark, but getting clear air in your home and getting outside helps to clear away a lot of the heavy or stagnant energy within and around you.

Go Slow:
Go at your own pace and make time for regular rest, sleep, and quiet time.

Even if you aren’t a napper, this is a time that your body needs more rest and napping is a supportive way to honor this need.

Don’t Push:
Don’t try to force yourself to do more, to plan more, or to be at more places that you need to. This is a time for rest and your body knows what it needs.

Go With Your Flow:
Your body rhythms might be different from your loved ones; it’s okay to go at your own pace. Let people know what you need.
As we round out this restful and replenishing cycle I hope you’ll find your own groove. This is a powerful time to reconnect with your own pace, needs, and personal self care.
With love,
P.S. Let me know how you’re honoring yourself during this reboot by leaving a message on the blog.

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Check in with Astrology and the Angels for the Pisces Cycle

Elizabeth Pendleton joins me to discuss all things Astrology and Angels as we greet the Mutable Water energy coming in with the Pisces Cycle. I'm going to share the angel messages that have come through for us and Elizabeth will explain what's happening in the stars. Find out how this dreamy and watery Pisces energy will work with the other Astrological Events happening this month and how you can work with these energies too. 

How to Turn February Into 28 Days of Self Care: Why Prioritizing Self Care is as Equally Important as Goal Setting for the New Year.

heart bottle sand.jpg


As we move into the second month of the year, it can be easy to feel like your schedule and daily demands are leading your day, already.
January tends to be a time where we focus on planning, preparations, and intentions for the new year. This is a worthwhile investment of time and if fostered and nurtured throughout the year leads to positive change and forward motion. However, many people don’t include planning for self care, respite, and slow down when creating projections for the new year.
Many people find that planning for self care and self nurturing don’t even cross their minds when creating yearly projections. This isn’t a judgement but rather a snapshot of the way we look at our lives. We focus more easily on goals, expansion, streamlining, up leveling and the like. I find that many people have to retrain themselves in how to practice true self care and the “b” word “balance.” If you feel like you could raise your hand to be part of this group, don’t worry, you’re among friends.
One of the reasons that scheduling and planning for self care as part of your yearly projections is so important is because without it, your dreams and goals won’t be as stable and supported. When we leave out this important piece of the structural support system, things tend to get more challenging throughout the year.
People tell me all the time that they want to have more balance, joy, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives. When I ask them what they do to nurture down time, rest, and personal passions; most of the time I hear crickets. Even during “down time” most people report spending time on their devices. This completely negates the downtime and can actually lead to increased anxiety, tension, and stress.
So, with so much stuff to do, and things to pay attention to, how do you begin to shift your schedule to include time for yourself, daily?
Well, there’s not one universal answer here, but the first step is understanding that this is not a luxury, vanity, or a waste of time.
This is an investment in your overall health and well being as well as an investment in maintaining and achieving all of your goals for 2017. 
Outward energy toward your goals and inward energy invested in your self care work hand in hand as partners in supporting you.
We know that it takes 21 days to form a new healthy habit.
Like all new things there’s a little bit of a learning curve. So, you may find it a little bit uncomfortable or awkward as you begin to make self care part of your daily routine. However, the more you do it, the easier and more enjoyable it will become.
This doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money.
Taking 5 to 10 minutes a day can give you what you need to maintain balance. (Yep, 5 minutes.)
This self care time doesn’t include things like:

  • Doing chores
  • Running Errands
  • Answering Emails, Phone Calls, or Text Messages
  • Scrolling through Social Media Feeds (No, this isn’t self care or down time)

Self Care does include things like:

  • Making yourself a cup of tea and drinking it while being fully present
  • Going for a walk
  • Riding your bike
  • Gardening
  • Reading a book (Reading a physical book is best so your brain is not overly activated with blue light from a device.)
  • Listening to records
  • Journaling
  • Watching a movie while being fully present (with no other devices on or around you.)
  • Making something
  • Coloring
  • Breathing (This is a powerful self care technique that people forget to do when they’re stressed out. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth 3-5 times. This is great to do at work when you need a quick reboot.)

Or anything else that feeds your soul and keeps you in the present moment.
Avoid using technology so you can have your full attention present on what you’re doing. You’ll notice that the tension, stress, and distraction energy begins to loosen and fall away from you as you invest in your self care schedule.
Each day you’ll experience a positive effect as you nurture your self care plan. You’ll also benefit from a lasting effect; it’s like having a savings account that you add to each day as you make an investment in yourself.
Each day it becomes easier and easier to tap into that relaxation and restorative space. By making this practice equally as important as your other goals, you create a shift in your life where the things that have been draining you in the past become less prescient and you experience more joy and happiness. You’ll also find that the things that are no longer a fit for your life organically begin to fall away. You’ll start to create a life that feels more aligned with you and you’ll enjoy your life more.
This month only has 28 days.
That means you can commit to making self care a new healthy and sustainable habit in your life by honoring yourself each day throughout February.
This month is thought of as the month of love.
You recommitting to your own happiness, balance, and well being is the greatest gift of love you can give to yourself. (and your dreams and to the people within your world.)
Why not take this month to commit to fostering a new healthy habit of self care during the month of February.
By the end of this month, the shortest month of the year you’ll be able to continue your new healthy habit all year long. You may find that this was the key in the lock to making a huge shift in the way you experience your day to day life.
You’re worth it.
You can do it.
Simply give yourself permission to go forward and honor your self care every day for the next 28 days.
Please drop me a line on the blog to let me know how you’re going to practice your self care this month.
With love,

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Check in with Astrology and the Angels for the Aquarius Cycle

Elizabeth Pendleton joins me to discuss all things Astrology and Angels as we greet the Fixed Air energy coming in with Aquarius. I'm going to share the angel messages that have come through for us and Elizabeth will give us the 411 about what is happening in the stars. Find out how this Aquarian energy will work with the other Astrological Events happening this month and how you can work with these energies too. 

3 Steps to Honor Your Dreams This Year

Happy New Year!
Welcome to 2017; I hope you had a peaceful holiday season and a happy start to the new year.
January brings with it lots of thoughts and excitement about what the new year will bring. Like you, I’ve set intentions for my new year, I’ve purchased a new planner (ok, maybe you don’t use an old school planner like me) but maybe you’ve set up your scheduling system for the new year and you can feel the fresh start before you. There are lots of different ways to mark the new year and to get clear about how you want to spend the next 12 months.
One of the biggest things that I hear from people is that they want to spend time throughout the year living their life in a way that matches their vision for themselves. People tell me that even though they know they want their life to look or feel different, they just can’t seem to get things into alignment. If you identify with this feeling too, that’s okay. You can definitely move toward a life that feels more like you by making small but significant shifts. This is a wonderful time to start moving closer to your vision for yourself and your life.
I’ve included 3 ways that can help you get into synch with your 2017.  
My hope for you is that this will be your best year yet!
1. Be Honest About What You Want to Experience This Year:

Sometimes, allowing yourself to admit what it is that you really want creates the shift needed to begin moving toward your goals and dreams.
Many times, people water down their dreams or tell themselves that they’re happy the way things are, even though deep down they really want to do or experience something different. People often have dreams that they’ve set upon a shelf at some point in their life for any number of reasons. By admitting the truth about your deepest desires, you take the first step in moving toward your dreams becoming real.
2. Say Goodbye to the People and Things That Are Eating Up All Your Time and Energy:

This doesn’t include the people who inspire, uplift, and encourage you.
It’s the other folks, the ones who leave you feeling, sad, hurt, and or empty after spending time with them. Not only are these unhealthy or unsupportive relationships to participate in; they keep you from moving toward the life that you want for yourself.  These people usually aren’t supportive of you making changes because it means that your relationship with them will change too.
It’s okay to let these people go.
Take a look at how much time you’re spending on social media, streaming, messaging, and other activities that could allow you to work on your goals and dreams. When you stop to really check in with where your time is going, you’ll find that you can capture a lot of working time just by reducing your screen time. Research shows that people under report how much time they spend on devices.
3. Start Where You’re Standing:
It can feel overwhelming to think about how an entire project/or a major life change is going to get done. This overwhelm can lead to paralysis and the belief that you’ll start to make changes when you feel more ready. Another belief system people can get stuck in is the belief that they'll work on their project/life change when they have large chunks of time available. The reality is that several hours of extra time is wonderful, but not very practical. Investing time in 15-20 minute blocks allows you to bank big change in seemingly small segments of time. This method allows for real change to happen while still maintaining your regular life.
The truth is that the only way to move through overwhelm is to start.
There will never be a perfect time to begin anything; you have to choose to make the time you have perfect for you.
If you need help to get going, reach out for help from a professional support person in your area of interest.
Don’t wait for better timing, the time is now.
4. Bonus Tip:

You are the authority person in your life.
You don’t have to wait for someone to tap you on the shoulder and tell you that you’re ready to make a change. The feeling you have inside of you that tells you something needs to change is all the “permission” you need.
You’re ready, you’re worthy, and you’re deserving of having a life that’s in alignment with you.

Please give yourself permission to make 2017 the year you decide to go for it!
Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2017!

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Check in with Astrology and the Angels for the Capricorn Cycle

Elizabeth Pendleton joins me to discuss all things Astrology and Angels as we greet the Cardinal Earth energy coming in with Capricorn. I'm going to share the angel messages that have come through for us and Elizabeth will give us the 411 about what is happening in the stars. Find out how this Capricorn energy will work with the other Astrological Events happening this month and how you can work with these energies too. 
Connect with Elizabeth 

Cozy, Calm, and Comforted: How to Enjoy the End of the Year, Your Way

Happy December,

Wow, I really can’t believe we’re at the end of the year already. With a year that started off moving in slow motion to something resembling a whirlwind over the last couple of months, it feels like the next four weeks are going to be moving full speed ahead.

With a month filled with parties, friends, family, and long to do lists it’s important to carve out a little time for yourself in between all of the hustle and bustle. It may even feel like you aren’t sure how to make that happen because you’re thinking of all of the things that you need to do.
If you resonate with that feeling, just take a moment to breathe.

Take a nice long deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, good.

Release any tension, tightness, or stress that could be holding space within your mind or body right now as you continue breathing.

Taking a moment to release any tension in your head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, or back…good.

Now releasing any tension or tightness in your stomach, lower back, legs, and feet.

Letting go of any to do lists, or conversations that you’ve had today.

Releasing any stress that could be holding space around you about things that you need to be doing or believe that you should be doing as you continue to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Giving yourself permission to let go of anything else that could be on your mind as you feel your body release any remaining tension or stress organically and easily now.

Just keep breathing as you allow yourself to slowly and gently relax. Beautiful.

Now as you’re sitting in a relaxed state ask yourself this question.

What would make this season special for me?

What’s the first response that you receive?

It can be a thought, image or memory, a feeling, or something that you hear.

It’s impossible to get nothing, so trust what you receive as you ask yourself this question.

What would make this season special for me?

Deep down you know what it is that you would like to do or how you would like to spend this holiday season. When we get quiet it’s easier to hear the messages that we’re receiving from our higher self.

What would make this season special for me?

Great, the answer that you received is something that will help to make your season special and meaningful for you.

As you give yourself permission to honor your something special it will make the entire month of December more meaningful for you. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to invest in your something special but honoring it will make your holiday season one that feels comforting and supportive.

In addition to the holiday season, we’re also wrapping up the end of the year.
This is a time to truly reflect, enjoy, slow down, and to do things that feel like a fit for you.

It’s okay to say no to something that feels like it’s just too much and instead choose to make time to curl up on your sofa with a good book, a favorite movie, a cup of cocoa, or anything that you want to do.

Wrap your year up in things that feel good to you. Spend time with people who make you genuinely happy. Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished this year and ring in the new year in a way that truly speaks to your soul.

Giving yourself permission to slow down and enjoy the holiday season in the way that resonates for you brings more joy, happiness, and inner peace to your life. That sounds like a beautiful way to bring in the holiday season and the new year to me. I’m supporting you in making this a season that honors you.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday; I hope that it’s filled with things and people that make your heart happy.

With love,


P.S. I’ll be wearing slippers, listening to Christmas music, watching old movies, and eating way too much popcorn to help make my season feel like a fit for me. 

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Check in with Astrology and the Angels for the Sagittarius Cycle

Elizabeth Pendleton joins me to discuss all things Astrology and Angels as we greet the Mutable Fire energy coming in with Sagittarius. I'm going to share the angel messages that have come through for us and Elizabeth will give us the 411 about what is happening in the stars. Find out how this Sag energy will work with the other Astrological Events happening this month and how you can work with these energies too. 
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Moving Through the Winds of Change and Review

Here we are in the final stretch of 2016; can you believe it? This year has been such a mish mash of energies that felt so slow during the first half of the year and now seem to be moving at light speed. As we round the corner on this year, there are still lots of opportunities to close out the year in a way that feels really good to you.


November is often a time of gatherings, travel, and the beginning of being knee deep into the holiday season. It’s also a time of reflection and in many ways the beginning of planning for the new year. Taking some time to look back over your year is a powerful way to take ownership of all that you’ve done this year while also being honest with yourself about the things that you would like to invest more time in and the things that you’re not bringing with you into the new year.


This act of taking some time to really look at your year and to take stock of how you feel is a cathartic experience. Often I find that so many people, especially highly sensitive people (like yourself) tend to overlook or undervalue their contributions. I hear a lot of people say things like,

Oh that was no big deal, anyone could have done that.


What I do is nothing compared to what ___________ is doing or has done.


One day when I get around to it I’ll start doing something of value, until then it’s just my day to day routine for me.


These kinds of thoughts or belief systems may go completely under your radar because you’re so used to thinking or believing them that you don’t even notice that they’re there. However, these thought patterns do matter and they make a difference in the way you move through your world.  Sometimes it’s easier to see our own contributions if we look at them through the lens of someone else. For example; if your best friend did the exact same things that you did and was in your exact same situation, your support and view of their efforts and accomplishments would probably look and sound very different from the way you talk to yourself about your exact same accomplishments.


  • In what ways have you been downplaying or undervaluing the way you’ve moved through your year?


  • How can you really acknowledge, appreciate, and value yourself and the impact you make within your world each day?


This is a great time to look back over your year and give yourself permission to see the truth about the way you move through your world.


When you find yourself slipping into negative self talk or small beliefs about yourself, simply stop, breathe, and without judging yourself re-frame your situation. Think about what you would say to your best friend, a loved one, or a colleague in this situation. Then, say those same things to yourself and treat yourself with the same compassion, care, and tlc that you so easily share with others in your world.


In a time where we need more love, compassion, and kindness in the world, begin with you. Extend the same love you have for the people within your world to yourself. At the end of the day you can’t pour from an empty cup. Treat yourself with the same love, appreciation, and respect that you share with others.


By doing this simple yet effective shift, you’ll find that you more easily move toward a life that resonates with your true self. You’ll start investing time into the dreams and desires of your heart. You’ll begin to draw a line in the sand which allows you to say no to the things that are not honoring you or bringing you joy. You’ll begin to reach out for support from people who respect you, and you’ll find that you’re happier, healthier, and more at peace.


As we continue to move through change, and make the final lap of 2016, taking some time to get clear about what’s right for you and the way you want to live your life is an important and worthwhile investment. Even with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us, investing some time in this review and planning process with be well worth your while. I promise you that you’re worth it and you do have what it takes to make important and lasting change; please be gentle with yourself and enjoy the process.

You matter and you are enough. 

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Check in with Astrology and the Angels for the Scorpio Cycle

Elizabeth Pendleton joins me to discuss all things Astrology and Angels. We're talking about the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio. We'll discuss how this energy can support you in moving forward and how it will work with the other Astrological energies. As always we will be sharing messages from the Angels as well as specific Astrological aspects during this show so you can maximize this new cycle. 
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Savor the Season Simmer Pot Recipe

I love to make a great Simmer Pot, it seriously brings me joy.
I love the feeling it creates in your home, the colors, textures, and of course the incredible scent. Plus, it adds much needed moisture to your home which is great for your skin, sinuses, and more. (

Below you'll find one of my favorite Simmer Pot Recipes for October.
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

What You'll Need
A Stock Pot
1 Apple
1 Orange or Lemon (or both)
3 Sprigs of Fresh Rosemary
1 Teaspoon of Whole Cloves
4 Cinnamon Sticks
1/2 Cup of Cranberries

What To Do
Slice your Apple, Orange, and or Lemon into rounds with the skin on
Add all of your ingredients into your stock pot
Fill your stockpot with water 3/4 of the way full
Place Stockpot on stove top on medium heat and enjoy

Keep an eye on your stockpot, and add water as needed

Please keep stockpot away from small hands and paws
Turn your stove off if you leave the house

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How to Savor the Slow Down and Spirituality of October

October brings with it a palpable shift in energies, temperature, and connection.
(Not to mention pumpkin everything.) Even if you live somewhere that still has you in warm weather clothing, October brings a big shift with the change of the calendar. This is the first full month of Autumn and the kick off to the holiday season. There’s a deep call within to start pulling your energy inward, to warm your home with warmer colors and textures by adding throw blankets and pillows here and there. There’s also a feeling inside that you may not be able to explain but you can feel it, it’s a feeling of getting quiet and going inward. The desire to curl up with a good book or a favorite movie starts calling out to you more and more and the message to slow down steadily begins to turn it’s volume up.
All of a sudden warm stews, a hot cup of tea, fuzzy socks, and maybe a knitting project sound amazing. Feeling compelled to go for a walk in the crisp morning air and pulling out a favorite cardigan to take with you on a stroll around the neighborhood seems nearly delectable. The desire to smell spices throughout the house feels like a top priority. All of these feelings are part of the magic of October and the message that it brings for the Autumn season.
As we move into the season of shorter days and longer nights, our bodies naturally adapt to the slow down that’s happening across the board. This is an organic process that you can see reflected in the trees around you. The energy stores are slowly but consistently being pulled back into the root systems preparing for a deep rest. We’re experiencing a similar transformation; and the desire to pull within and to slow down is a genuine message you’re receiving right now. The more that you can allow yourself to honor the natural shift that you’re experiencing, the more present you’ll be during this season.
In addition to the slow down this month is often a big spirit connection month. The veil is very thin at this time and I do more Mediumship sessions in October than the rest of the year hands down. Your departed loved ones, guides, and angels who are always with you send messages of support and love to you regularly. However, I find that many people don’t recognize the messages they’re receiving because they’re busy and constantly distracted. During this time of slowing down, we tend to be quieter, home more, and can then receive our messages more easily.
Here are 5 ways to increase your connection to your departed loved ones, guides, and angels:

  1.  Ask for clear signs in your physical life which you will clearly notice and understand.

    When you ask for signs, you’ll receive them. It’s important to ask for really clear signs so that you’re not wondering if the things you’re receiving are signs or not.
  2.  Ask for clarification of your signs.

    If you’re not sure about a message or sign, then ask for clarification or confirmation. You’ll get a clear message letting you know that you did in fact receive a sign from _____.
    Thank your departed loved ones, guides, and angels for their messages of love and support.
  3. Carve out 15 minutes each day to be quiet and still so you can strengthen your ability to receive your messages when they come through for you.

    Being able to receive signs and messages is all about receptivity. The receiving energy comes from being quiet and allowing yourself to receive.
    The giving, doing, and go go go energy keeps you from receiving your messages. Because people carry multiple devices around on their bodies, people are more distracted than ever. This distraction energy interferes with receptivity.
    Taking time to get quiet without scrolling, clicking, or watching something allows you to strengthen the muscles which support you in receiving the messages that you’re waiting for.
    As you do this 15 minute practice each day you’ll be able to tune in and receive the messages that are coming through for you.
  4.  Ask  your loved one’s to bring you a message or to visit you during your dream time. Ask them to help you remember your dream when you wake.

    If you would like to experience your messages through dreams, keep a notebook and something to write with on your bedside table and write down everything you remember before you get up to start your daily routine. Do this each morning for a week and you’ll see very clear messages from your departed loved ones, guides and angels.
  5.  Connect with your loved one’s through looking at pictures, reading old letters, or thinking about happy memories.

    This helps to open the connection to your loved one which clears the channels for messages to take place. It’s important to turn off distractions so you can fully experience the connection and receive your messages.

My hope is that you’ll enjoy all of the sweetness that this month brings. This is a special time and as you honor the messages that you receive to slow down and pull your energy inward, you’ll enjoy the sights, sounds, scents, and spirit of the season.


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Check in with Astrology and the Angels for the Libra Cycle

Elizabeth Pendleton joins me to discuss all things Astrology and Angels. We're talking about the Cardinal Air sign of Libra and the Mercury Retrograde. We'll discuss how this energy can support you in moving forward and how it will work with the other Astrological energies. As always we will be sharing messages from the Angels as well as specific Astrological aspects during this show so you can maximize this new cycle. 

Retrograde Remedies

Here we are in the middle of Mercury Retrograde which lasts until the 22nd of this month. While this phenomenon gives us the opportunity to review, rework, and revisit aspects of our life, sometimes it can bring some other things into our world as well.
Highly sensitive people may find that they feel or experience things in a magnified way during this time. Sometimes these experiences can include physical issues within the body in addition to a heightened connection to their spirituality.
Some common physical issues which can show up for highly sensitive people during this time can include, but are not limited to:

  • Low Grade Fever
  • Headache
  • Sinus Pressure
  • Brain Fog or Trouble Focusing
  • Body and Skin Tenderness
  • Releasing of Toxins through the Skin (filmy and itchy moisture on skin)
  • Lethargy
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Irritability
  • Frustration
  • Angst
  • Emotional Rollercoaster
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Sensitivity to Sound
  • Easily Overwhelmed by Crowds
  • Desire to Stay Home

These physical symptoms along with the opportunity to review, rework and revisit aspects of our lives can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Below you’ll find my top 5 ways to
Embrace some Much Needed and Well Deserved Self Care

Please feel free to adjust, tweak, or create your own ways to offer yourself some TLC right now.
Detox Bath Treatment
If you’re a bath person like me, this one helps to reduce stress and tension that could be holding space within your body. This also helps to soothe achy skin, detox symptoms, and sleep disturbances.
Add these to your bath and literally let the stress and retrograde symptoms release from your body.

  • 1 Cup of Epsom Salt
  • 1 Cup of Sea Salt
  • 3 Tablespoons of Baking Soda
  • ¼ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Optional
  • Add chamomile, lavender, or green tea (these will offer additional support and soothing)

Relax and stay in the bath for at least 10 minutes.
It’s a good idea to turn off your phone or other devices so you can just let go and rest during your bath.
Simmer Pots
These are a great way to add some pure essential oils to your home, relaxing you, while also making your home smell good. This also adds moisture to your home helping to soothe your skin and sinuses.

  • Fill a stock pot with water, place on your stove at medium heat
  • Add fresh herbs of your choice.
  • Rosemary and Lavender are very relaxing, soothing, and calming
  • If you don’t have fresh herbs, you can toss in some tea bags or several drops of essential oils

Allow the pot to simmer and infuse the air with the calming and healing properties of the herbs you select. This will calm everyone in the house including fur babies. I love using this method because it's a quick and effective way to help shift the feeling within your home.
It’s important to keep an eye on the stock pot so you can turn it off when the water begins to run low.
Keep the pot away from small hands and animals and always turn off your stove when you leave the house.
Burning sage is a powerful way to clear the energy within you and your home. This method has been used for generations and now we finally have medical research showing that burning sage purifies and cleanses the spaces where it’s used, providing a physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual support element for users.  

Burning sage also creates a palpable shift within the body and the space you’re clearing, helping you to feel lighter and more like yourself again.
You can find sage at most health food stores.
Please use sage responsibly and never leave it burning. I like to use water to stop the burning when I’m finished smudging.
Sound Therapy
This is a powerful way to create a gentle and soothing feeling within your home. This is one of those things that you don’t have to put too much effort into and you reap all of the benefits.

Music impacts the central nervous system and by playing gentle soothing sounds, your body will automatically relax and help to move you into a rest, restore, and renewal state.

Listening to nature sounds, spa music, crystal bowls, or other soothing music will automatically allow you to decompress and reduce stress or tension. You can use Pandora or Spotify for free if you don’t already have gentle music at home.
Make a Nest
This may be one of my favorite ways to nurture self care during a retrograde. Sometimes, what we need is to make a nest and invest in downtime.
You will Need:
A space all to yourself, a sofa, nook, or cozy corner
Coloring Books, Crayons, or Colored Pencils
Stuffed Animal
Cup of Tea
Knitting Stuff
Stack of Movies that you Love
Anything else that feels comforting to you
Place your devices onto silent and begin to nest.
You may want to have a movie marathon, or a book reading extravaganza, or a coloring day. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do as long as it’s something that feels soothing to you. You’ll want to have everything you need within arms’ reach of your cozy nest so you can just be once you’re all set up.

Sometimes this is healing on a level we don’t even realize that we need until we invest in the nest. You may even want to take a nap in your little nest, whatever you want to do, give yourself permission to go for it. Remember this is a time for self care, so think of things that feel gentle and nurturing for you.
No matter how you nurture yourself during this retrograde time, please remember to be gentle with yourself, move at your own pace, and try not to go against the wisdom of your body. The more that you can honor what you know is right for you, the gentler this time will be for you.

This isn’t about neglecting your responsibilities during this time, but rather making yourself a priority during this time.
Wishing you a wonderfully gentle Retrograde

P.S. Do you know someone who could benefit from some Retrograde Remedies? If so please pass this on to them for me, thank you so much! 

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Are You Choosing You? How To Get Back to the Path that's Right for Your Life

As I sit here at my desk in my professional office I can see students coming and going to campus and going about their day. This time of year always makes me think about fresh starts, new beginnings, and feelings of hope. While we begin to round the corner on the last big push for the end of the year, we’re also in this time of back to school. There’s a push pull that happens at this time where we get an opportunity to look back on the year and see how far we’ve come. We also get a change to either recommit to some things we really want to do before the end of the year or let go of some stuff that we don’t feel aligned with while moving toward something that feels more like us.
This is a really powerful cycle because not only do we have the beginning of a new season coming up in a few weeks, back to school, and the final push toward the end of the year, but we also have Mercury Retrograde with us until the 22nd of September. There seem to be a lot of factors supporting us in taking a look at what’s important to us and supporting us in getting back to these things.
Getting Back Into Alignment with Your True Self
has been a common theme that keeps coming up over the last couple of months
Here are some ways that you can tell if something is out of alignment for you.

  • Feeling Disconnected From Yourself and Your Life
  • Feelings or Experiences of Emptiness
  • Feeling Fractured, Compartmentalized, or Out Of Touch with Yourself
  • Wondering When it Will be Your Turn to Enjoy Your Own Life
  • Knowing or Feeling that Things Should Have Been Different by Now
  • Deep feelings of Angst, Frustration, or Irritation a Large Part of Each Day
  • Escaping from Your Life through Internet use, Substance abuse, Shopping, Food Additions, or other Numbing Behaviors
  • Avoiding Quiet or Down Time
  • Noticing You Feel Like Yourself When You’re Away from Your Day to Day Life but Can’t Hold onto that Feeling Once you Return Home
  • Feeling like an Outsider Within Your Own Life

If you identify with any of these feelings or thoughts, please take a nice long deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Good.

This isn’t a judgement nor does it mean that something is wrong with you. These are messages letting you know that somewhere along the line you stepped away from the path that resonates with you. Sometimes, these feelings show up when a particular lifestyle or relationship has come full circle. When we listen to these important messages from the soul it allows us to take action. Taking action brings us back home, back to center, and back to ourselves.
Sometimes people tell me that they think it’s too late to make important life changes for ____________ reason.

The truth is that it’s never too late and choosing to honor yourself is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and to those in your world. Living a life that feels uninspired or unfulfilling to you because you are nervous about making changes doesn’t allow room for joy to bloom. In fact, it intensifies the feelings that things are off as a way to nudge you to make important life changes.

Change is a natural part of life, it’s the one constant that we have while we’re here on this planet. When we try to keep things the same, we bump into feelings of being stuck. Isn’t that a strange paradox? The way to open up the flow to more happiness, joy, and feeling like yourself is to move toward change. You can move toward change by leaning into the places and spaces that feel a little or a lot uncomfortable and to listen to the whispers of your soul.
The truth is that you know what’s right for you. You can feel it in your heart and you know your truth in the core of your being. For most people, it comes down to giving themselves permission to honor that voice they hear which tells them to:

  • Move
  • Leave Their Jobs
  • Get Into Counseling
  • Stop Drinking and or Using Drugs
  • Go Back to School
  • End Their Relationship
  • Create Healthy Boundaries
  • Start Saying No
  • Exercise
  • Take Back Their Life

As adults, there tends to be less and less people who tell us that we’re doing a good job, that we’re making the right choices, and that honoring ourselves brings blessings to everyone around us. So, that means that we have to be that person for ourselves.

One of the ways to honor your inner knowing is by giving yourself permission to move toward the calling of your own heart.
It may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first, but like anything new, the more that you do it, the easier it will become. As you continue this new path of self love and self respect you’ll find that your life begins to shift in ways that you may not have believed were possible for you. As you honor your true self you’ll find that your joy, happiness, and personal peace begin to increase too.
No matter what it is that you’re being called to do, begin, shift, or release within your life right now, please know that you’re deserving of making these important changes. You don’t need permission or anyone else to tell you that you’re ready. The message, knowing, or feeling that you have within you is authority enough. You are the only person who knows what’s best for you. Your true north sits inside your heart, and the more you can honor that space within, the easier it will be for you to stay on your path.
As we move through this time of reflection, restructuring, and renewal I hope that you will take some time to get clear about what you want to experience as we move closer to the end of this year. There’s still time to get some things done that you said you wanted to do this year. Please give yourself permission to go for it. I promise, you’re worth it.

P.S. Do you have a friend who could use some support in making important life changes? Please pass this on to them so they know they aren't alone and that they're worthy of making important changes. Thank you so much! 

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Check in with Astrology and the Angels for the Virgo Cycle

Radio pink.jpg

Elizabeth Pendleton joins me to discuss all things Astrology and Angels. We're talking about the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo. We will discuss how this Earthy energy can support you in moving forward and how it will work with the other Astrological energies for this cycle. As always we will be sharing messages from the Angels as well as specific Astrological aspects during this show so you can maximize this new cycle. 
Connect with Elizabeth

The Power of the Pause | Making the Most of Your Time

I’ve just returned home from my annual summer trip. Each year at the end of July I travel for a bit and over the last few years I’ve made these travel trips “off the grid trips.” I travel to places where there’s no wifi and no television and just connect to a slower life and truly decompress. Last year I stayed somewhere that didn’t even have clocks anywhere at all. This year there were clocks but for some reason they were all set at the wrong time which was strange and so it felt like there weren’t any clocks around since they were all wrong.

Some of the things that really stood out to me while on this trip included how long it actually took me to get out from under the feeling of needing to be somewhere, and needing to do something. I also quickly realized how often I check my email. When there’s no way to check email, it’s easy to recognize how often you try to check it. Talk about a reality check.

The first three days were a bit of a transition for me because I could feel a push pull happening within my body and my brain. My body said, “Hey relax, you’re on vacation and you’re 30 minutes from the closest wifi zone.” By brain kept trying to give me reminders about things that I needed to do as soon as I returned home or at least once I got back into a place where I could connect with the rest of the digital world. The opportunity to breathe, reset, and be present was very palpable. I was doing a lot of refocusing and reframing those first few days.

Being physically away from home gave me an opportunity to experience distance from my day to day life but it was really in making a conscious effort to slow down the mental lists and reminders which became the game changer for me.  It was almost as if I could feel my body and brain unwinding little by little each hour. Each of those first three days I felt more and more like myself and more and more present. By day 3, I was completely in the zone and on my own body clock time. I noticed that I kept forgetting what day it was and found myself asking, “what day is it?” pretty often. That was a great feeling because it meant that I was just in the moment and enjoying what was happening around me even if that was simply listening the waves on the shore.

One of the side benefits on being off the grid is there’s a quiet that comes over you without you even trying. I spend a good amount of time each day carving out quiet for meditation and reflection. However, there was no need for carving that time out when the distractions of technology were no longer there. It was incredible how quickly I was able to just be in a reflective state naturally and how many insights and ideas made themselves available to me. I also had a lot of memories of how I spent my time prior to 1995-1997 when the majority of American households were welcoming the internet into their lives with open arms.

While I love technology and feel grateful for all it does to connect us to our modern world and new normal; there’s something to be said about down time. I think there’s something valuable in having time throughout the day where you’re present with how you’re feeling and can’t distract yourself by using one of the many devices available to us on regular basis.

There’s a powerful opportunity to feel our feelings and to get to the heart of what we need to know by sitting with ourselves. I think this downtime or void in the day can actually lead to a lot of personal growth in addition to other things like creativity, ideas, inspiration, self actualizing, and yes feeling the hurt or pain that may be holding space within or around us. However, even if the down time doesn’t feel comfortable at first, it will become easier and even something to look forward to the more that it’s invested in and nurtured.

While I was off the grid I asked how I could translate this experience into my day to day life once I got back into the grid. Below you’ll see what I received; I hope this will help you create some downtime in your daily life as well.

Create Tech Free Zones and Times Within Your Home

  • No devices during meal times, not even at the table turned on silent is an easy way to incorporate a tech free time.
  • Creating a tech free zone in your bedroom and in the bathroom/s is an easy way to add tech free spaces.
  • You can add other areas/rooms as well based on what feels like a fit for you.

Avoid “Multi-Tasking” With Multiple Devices

  • If you’re watching a movie, don’t answer emails or scroll social media feeds at the same time. Be present and place your other devices in another room where you can’t see or hear them.
  • *Research shows it’s not possible to multi task and that the brain can only focus on one task at a time even though we may believe we’re able to do many things at once, we’re actually turning on to one task while turning off to another.
  • *Fragmenting your time can lead to low grade anxiety, frustration, irritability, shortened attention spans and lack of focus.

Call It A Day

  • Shut your laptop and notebook off when you’re finished working. Don’t leave them on just in case you might need to send one more email or check one more thing. This creates a low grade anxiety which keeps you plugged into the energy of something outside of what you’re doing, creating distractions.

Take 10

  • Step away from your devices and if possible go outside and decompress from the constant stimulation and interruptions from your devices. If you can walk or move your body you’ll be able to decompress and clear your mind and body more quickly and effectively.

Power Down

  • Turn off your devices. You’ll feel a shift happen for you and you’ll become aware of any patterns or habits you’ve created around your devices. The more power down’s you take, even in small amounts of time, the easier it will be for you to be present, reduce low grade tech induced anxiety, and increase your attention span and focus.

Get Outside

  • Being outside and off your device allows you to let down and get back to your own body clock and natural rhythm. Mother Nature will support you in slowing down and clearing away any residue that you may have collected from being indoors and around electro magnetic frequencies (EMF’s). Placing your bare feet on soil, sod, or sand will help to clear your body of EMF’s which cause inflammation. (Things that end in “itis” are inflammation related. Colitis, Arthritis, Sinusitis, etc.)
  • Being outside will help you to feel more like yourself again and support you in having clearer thinking, less stress, and increased energy.

Since being home I’ve been incorporating these techniques into my day and they’re really helping me to create balance as I reintegrate back into my work schedule.

This is helping me to create a sweet spot between work, rest, and play.
I hope these support tools will help you too!

P.S. Do you have a friend, family member, or colleague who could use some support in decompressing from the intensity of our modern digital world? Please pass this on to them for me, thank you so much! 

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Honoring Your Sensitivity During Stressful Situations

With all of the intense news stories over the last couple of weeks, energies have been running high. I’ve definitely found myself deeply impacted by the global and national news and have found my heart weighing heavy. I’m sure that you as a highly sensitive person have felt it too.

It seems that nearly every client I’ve worked with in the last couple of weeks has felt a heavy heart, a bit of pain in their neck and shoulders, a feeling of heaviness or lethargy, and a deep sadness about the recent events.

As a sensitive person, not only do you move through your own personal feelings about any kind of challenging or painful situation but you’re also impacted by the global thoughts, feelings, and overall impact as well. This can create another layer of heaviness and or pain in addition to the feelings and emotions that you’re already working through.

When intense or deeply painful feelings are being experienced it’s even more important to take really good care of yourself. It can feel like a bit of a challenging cycle when you’re feeling overwhelmed or lethargic and trying to manage a really busy schedule. Often times, the thing that gets put onto the back burner during highly stressful times is self care. This can then lead to a whole other ball of wax that can lead to getting sick and exhaustion.
Not a good thing.

I wanted to share some of my favorite quick ways to foster self care as a way to offer you some extra support right now.

Please know this is not an end all be all list, it’s just a jumping off place for you to get some ideas and try different things to see what works for you.

What I know for sure is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time investing in self care to make a positive impact in your day.

However, you do have to do something.

Small segments of time invested in your self care adds up and is worth every moment of your time. I promise you, You Are Worth the investment. All the people within your world will benefit from you taking time for yourself, including you.

Burning Sage to clear yourself and your home or office helps to clear away heavy and dense energies that have built up within and around you. This method is a powerful way to completely clear your environment and it quickly shifts the energy. Smudging electronics is also very helpful especially since so much of our information and communication is transmitted through our devices. This method does have a strong smell and creates smoke so you’ll need to open your windows while you sage your home or office. If you aren’t able to burn sage do to an allergy or building codes you can also use the sage spray. (Don’t spray water directly onto electronics or fabrics.) You can find sage at most health food stores and it’s very affordable. You don’t have to use the entire sage stick or spray bottle to clear your home or office; one sage stick or bottle provide many clearings.

Breath Work
Breathe. During stressful situations, people begin to mouth breathe which turns up the stress response in the body including increasing stress hormones which then flood the body creating a stress cycle. Breathe in through your nose, hold the breath for a count of 2 and then breathe out through your mouth for a count of 2. Repeat this breathing technique 3 to 4 times through. This works like a control alt delete for the body and helps to reset your central nervous system to rest and restore which is your natural state.

Turn off your phone, computer, tablet, and any other device for 10-15 minutes. Yes, you can do it. Then physically move into a quiet space and breathe. If you can physically move your body even if it’s a walk around the office, house, or block do it. The body holds onto the electromagnetic frequencies from your devices and it’s physically draining on the body. Disconnecting allows you to recharge your battery.

Go Outside
Getting outside allows your body to breathe fresh uncirculated air while also decompressing from the energies which have build up inside your home or office. It also exposes you to sunlight which is good for your health, allows you to physically slow down and get back onto your natural body clock which is very different from your digital clock. 5-10 minutes makes a huge difference. Try not to take your devices outside with you if possible.

Essential Oils
Pure essential oils are a wonderful support system physically, emotionally and mentally, and spiritually. You can mix a few drops with a carrier oil like coconut oil and rub it onto your wrists, chest, and bottoms of your feet to help soothe, comfort, and relax you. Some relaxing and soothing oils include:
You can also diffuse them into your home or office to help create a soothing environment for yourself and others. This is a diffuser that I’ve used and really like. (But there are endless choices available.)

Now Foods Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Diffuser
NOW Foods- Nutrition and Wellness

Yep, sweating literally moves heavy and stressful energies out of your physical body which helps you to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually too. It doesn’t matter how you work up a sweat. You can sit in a sauna or steam room, workout, lay out, garden, build something, dance, or any way that works for you.

Even if you aren’t a napper, resting or closing your eyes for 15 minutes or longer allows your body to go into rest and restore. During sleep the body repairs itself so investing in sleep helps your body to heal, clear, and come back to balance.

I’m not affiliated with Spook but I love their mats and they really work. This mat puts pressure on the meridians in the body releasing the comfort, restore, and renew hormones in the body while moving out stress and tension. This mat also helps to decrease pain and pressure that comes from sitting at a computer for long periods of time and has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. (Inflammation leads to pain.) 

Energy Work/Body Work
If you enjoy energy work or body work, this helps to clear away heaviness, tension, stress, grief, and or pain from the body. When you’re feeling like something is off or you know that you are carrying around extra stuff that you want to release, working with a trusted healer is a great way to honor your self care.

Any kind of creative outlet that you enjoy will help you to clear, self soothe, and move into a place that feels nurturing to you. Make things, play music, decorate, write, create, color in a coloring book, or cook a delicious meal. The options here are endless, the big shift is the doing part. Make time to do your creative outlet and don’t talk yourself out of it because it will take too long to get started or because__________. Invest in your creativity.

Talk It Out
Sometimes talking about how you’re feeling allows you to open a floodgate you may not have even realized was closed. A trusted friend, family member, partner, coach, or therapist can be a powerful source of support for you.

Highly sensitive people often bottle up their feelings because they don’t want to burden their loved ones or add anything to someone else’s already overflowing plate. They often tend to be the person that others come to for help which can compound their situation.

If you find yourself in this group, the group who feels guilty talking about your feelings, needs, or stressors, I recommend working with a counselor, coach, or therapist rather than a loved one. They have time to talk to you and you aren’t bothering them or adding too much to their list or load. It’s important for you to release your feelings as well as the feelings and conversations you’re carrying around with you from your loved ones.

I hope this helps to give you some ideas of how to increase self care in your day to day schedule.

P.S. Do you have a friend or family member who’s also highly sensitive? If so, please share this with them so they can invest in their self care and decompress from stress too. Thank you! 

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